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    It's a sick world...

    March 19, 2005 -- A heartless thug seething with "pure evil" and posing as a good Samaritan approached a blind 19-year-old college student on a Queens subway platform, offered to help her get home, then raped her inside a darkened elevator, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

    Cops said the unidentified teenager, who uses a red and white cane, got off the E train at Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue at around 8 p.m. Wednesday after missing her stop at Jamaica/Van Wyck.

    Police sources said the attacker immediately recognized a potential victim and offered to help her.

    "Are you lost?" he asked her. "Do you need help?"....cont.


    I dig the work on your website, you have a wonderful gift.

    This article is very sad. Unfortunately, things like this happen every day in america. I believe part of the reason these crimes are "enabled" to occur is politics, the division between the right and the left. I say these crimes were enabled to happen because we are all collectively responsible for what happens in our society. We are all a part of the problem/solution.

    In order for this insanity to end we all need to come together to find solutions. The solutions lie in the middle, not the left or right.

    I have been recording headlines for several years to use in a book I am writing. What do these headlines say to you?

    While reading each one please try and "see" the environment that made each act possible, and what is being done to uplift this perpetrator to make them a productive member of society? What are the consequences of failing to rehabilitate each person?

    College Students Accused of Holdups
    Police: Father Kills Sons, Himself
    Woman Sentenced in Infant's Death
    Teen-ager Arrested in Mall Shooting
    Ark. Might OK Concealed Guns Church
    Random Killing Charged To Teen
    Boy, 11, Charged in Sister's Death
    Students Said To Rob Out of Need
    Ore. Mom Sentenced in Death of Son
    Honor Student Charged in Armed Robbery
    Cops: Dad Planned Murder-Suicide
    Teen Found Guilty in Lynching
    Father Arrested in Slaying of Son
    Teen arrested for rape, beating, of girl, 14
    5th-Grader Busted for Selling Drugs
    Teen Guilty in Slaying of Father
    2-Year-Old Stabbed in 'Horseplay'
    Teen Shoots Self With Gun in School
    Ill. Mom Charged in Kids' Murders
    Dad Kills His Three Kids, Himself
    Man Fatally Stabbed Over Steak
    Cops: Mom Took Toddler on Robbery
    Twin Boys Held in Father's Killing
    Study Cites 4th Grade Beer Drinking
    Five Boys Charged With Raping Woman
    Teens Charged With Killing Puppy
    Five Shot at L.A. Jewish Center
    Pizza Argument Ends With Stabbing
    Doctor Charged With Punching Woman
    Student Said ``Bullied Into Suicide
    Teen Accused of Killing Relatives
    Baby Ate Cocaine Dad Left Nearby''
    Dead Baby Found in Microwave oven
    Four-Year-Old Boy Suspended for Gun
    Girl Dies After School Shooting
    Man Kills 3, Self in Ind. Shooting
    2 Dead in Shooting Near Mo. Airport
    Mom Faces Charges Over Girl's Death
    Cops Arrest 11-Year-Old After 110 mph Car Chase
    Mother Arrested in 3 Sons' Deaths
    Police: Calif. Man Kills Kids, Self
    Four Students Shot at Okla. School
    Shootout Erupts in Las Vegas Bar
    5 Shot Dead in Northeast Baltimore
    Student Suspended for 'Hit' List
    Three Dead in California Shootings
    Boy Threatens Class With Guns
    Grandmother Arrested in Boy's Death
    Teen Convicted in Traffic Beating
    Grandma Accused of Murder-For-Hire
    Man Convicted of Killing Pizza Men
    Girl Accused of Killing Her Parents
    Miami Man Goes on Shooting Spree
    Mass. Girls Charged With Hate Crime
    Five Dead in Florida Hotel Shooting
    13 Baby Abandonments Stun Houston
    Father Kills Three Kids, Wife, Self
    Teen Sentenced in Massacre Plot
    Teen Killed in N.Y. Mall Shooting
    Two Cops Killed Attempting Arrest
    Man Kills Wife Despite Arrest Order
    Mother Sentenced in Teacher Assault
    Dad Accused of Letting Toddler Smoke
    Boy, 11, Charged with Raping Girl
    2 Killed in Fast Food Shooting
    Police: Fired Employee Kills Two
    Teens Arrested in Teacher's Murder
    Ala. Boy, Shot Leaving Church, Dies
    Elderly Man Found Chained to Toilet
    LSU Student Stabs Dean
    Teens Sentenced for Cleveland Plot
    Man Fatally Shot Over Shovel Flap
    Family Found Shot in Tenn. House
    Student Said To Plan H.S. Attack
    Mother Charged With Shooting Kids
    Teens Arrested in Ark. Girl Slaying
    High School Football Captain Slain
    Ten-Year-Old Kills Self Over Grades
    13-Year-Old Girl Hangs Self
    1st-Grader Reported Hurt in Shooting
    5 People Shot in Pittsburgh Suburb
    Five-Year-Old Loads, Fires Gun
    Mom Charged With Attempted Murder
    Mother Charged With Arming Children
    Man Allegedly Stabs Father
    Boy Lives With Dead Mom for Weeks
    4 Shot to Death in Rural Mo. Home
    Seven Sixth-Graders Arrested
    Man Killed, Wife Hurt in Ax Attack
    Cops: Boy Kills Girl With Air Gun
    Boy Charged in Fatally Stabbing Dad
    Man Allegedly Tried To Sell Child
    Five Killed In Car Wash Robbery
    Police: Man Asphyxiates Kids, Self
    Four Relatives Killed in Ohio
    Father Found Guilty of Killing Son
    Police: Man Opens Fire in Church
    Man Shoots Four, Kills Himself
    Teen Guilty of Beating Homeless Man
    12 year old Boy Holds Classmates At Gunpoint
    Cops Say Man Killed Son and Himself
    Ohio Man Shoots Wife, Injures Inlaw
    Boys Accused of Plot To Kill Parents
    Father on Fla. Campus Shoots at Boy
    Two Killed in N.Y. Bakery Shooting
    Boy Takes Four Pistols to School
    Man Shoots Two Girls, Kills Self
    1st-Graders Accused of Murder Plot
    7th-Graders Accused of Murder Plot
    Boys Arrested for School Plot
    Bodies of Grandparents, Child Found
    Gunman Kills 1 at Retirement Center
    Teen Charged for Role in Kid's Death
    Va. Child Stabbed in Front of Home
    Teen Shot on Good Friday Pilgrimage
    Mich. Man Kills Wife, 2 Others, Self
    2 Charged in School Explosions
    Mich. Mom Shot Two Children, Self
    Disabled Man Found Bound, Robbed
    Student: I Dismembered Landlady
    Teens Shot at Cinco de Mayo Party
    1 Dead, 2 Hurt in Hotel Shooting
    Two Wounded Near Arkansas School
    Man Sentenced in Chess Stabbing
    2 Dead in Youth Ballpark Shooting
    Pa. Boy Accused of Stabbing Woman
    3rd-Graders Suspended for Lewd Act
    Mother, Son Convicted of Murder
    Teen-Age Murder Witness Shot in RI
    Gunshot Critically Injures La. Girl
    Police: Student Kills Fla. Teacher
    Parking Dispute Boils Into Homicide
    Mom Charged in 3 Year-Old's Death
    Fan Shot at Royals-Pirates Game
    Teens Confess to Setting Church Fire
    Mo. Teen Girl Killed In Gunfire
    Town Stunned by H.S. Hazing Arrests
    Los Angeles' NBA Celebration Turns Violent
    Three Shot Dead at Sausage Factory
    Man Has Hostages at Disney World
    Police Find Five Dead in Va. Home
    4 Killed in Va. Murder-Suicide
    Man Kills Estranged Wife's Friend
    Mother Sentenced in Rape of Daughter
    Teen Held in Stabbing of 7-Year-Old
    Manslaughter Charge in Hockey Fight
    Umpire Punched at Youth Baseball
    Woman Charged With Giving Away Son
    Three Slain in Tennesee Town
    Ex-Child Abuser Beats Son To Death
    2 Die in Possible Gang Shootings
    North Carolina Police Chief Shot
    Teen Allegedly Fires Shot in School
    Teen Accused of Killing Counselor
    Woman Fatally Stabbed in Ga. Church
    Four Calif. People Stabbed to Death
    Man Kills Wife, Self at Concert
    Teen Arrested in Calif. Killings
    'Springer' TV Show Guest Found Dead
    Teen Arrested in Newborn Drowning
    Calif. Boy Held in Schoolyard Deaths
    Youths Arrested in Family Slaying
    Man: I Killed Wife Over No Sex
    Cops: Woman Tortured by Mom
    Nine Shot at NYC Block Party
    Man Kills Two, Himself at Hospital
    Man Convicted for Branding Boy
    Mich. Couple Accused of Abusing Teen
    Acid Thrown in Road Rage Incident
    Kidnapped 8-Year-Old Escapes
    Fla. Teen Charged in Two Deaths
    Jet Passenger Attacks Cockpit, Dies
    Cop Charged With Beating Deaf-Mute
    Boy Convicted of Stabbing Friend
    Teachers Accused of Cheating
    Kids Smothered 3-Year-Old Boy
    Parents Charged With Baby Murder
    Man Kills 3, Self in Connecticut
    2 Die in Arkansas Campus Shooting
    Boy Accused of Killing His Father
    7-Year-Old Found Slain in Ohio
    Man Dies, 2 Cops Shot in Fla.
    3-Year-Old Dies from Play Injuries
    Man Kept 2 Bodies in His Texas Home
    Two Dead, Four Injured in Shooting
    Girl Accused of Murdering Her Mom
    Teen Shoots Self at Police Station
    Seven Family Members Dead in Ohio
    Worker Shot to Death at Ohio School
    Sniper Hits Five Trucks in Arkansas
    Teens Accused of Deliveryman Murder
    Mom Alleged To Have Buried Newborn
    Parents Brawl at Boys Soccer Game
    Tourist Killed in Vegas Shooting
    3 Killed in Atlantic City Ambush
    Friends Allegedly Set Fire to Girl
    Expelled Teens Charged With Robbery
    SWAT Team Kills 11-Year-Old Boy
    Loaded Gun Found in Child's Bag
    Five Wounded in Indiana Shooting
    Teen Killed by Passengers on Plane
    Couple Charged for Tying Up Girls
    Teen-ager Charged in Horse Deaths
    Guard Killed in Calif. Office
    Teen Charged in Beheading of Mother
    Teen-Age Girl Accused of Poisoning
    Man Accused of Threatening Referee
    Student Charged With Firing Gun
    Shooter Felt 'Good' About Killing
    Baby Dies After Being Left in Car
    Students Hurt in Seattle Shooting
    Philadelphia Boy Found Dead
    Students Shot at New Orleans School
    Man Charged in Naked Neighbor Death
    L.A. Cops Probed For Murder
    Gay Shooting Said Linked To Jokes
    Mich. Cop Charged With Manslaughter
    Man Sought in Soccer Game Stabbing
    Student Killed in Vermont Attack
    Report: Dead Student Struck in Head
    Teens Suspected of Shooting Animals
    Missing Pregnant Woman Found Dead
    DNA Test: Baby Cut From Womb
    NYC Man Dies After Punch To Face
    Man Held in Slayings of Two Wives
    Man Charged With Killing Wife, Kid
    School Mascot Stolen, Mistreated
    Mo. Sixth-Graders Arrested
    Shots Fired at High School Game
    Cops Kill Man, Raid Wrong House
    4th-Graders Strip-Searched at School Teens Plead Guilty in Baby's Death High School Boys Charged With Rape Teacher Convicted Of Abusing Boys Mom, Son On Trial For Toddler Death 13-Yr.-Old Twins Charged With Rape Father Accused of Killing Son Four Men Found Slain at Tenn. Home Man on Trial Shoots 2, Kills Self Armed Teen Lets Students Go Tampa Man Charged in Five Slayings Teens Charged in Student's Slaying Teen Faces Charges on 'Hit List' Man Said To Kill Self, 3 Others Texas Dispute Kills Deputy, Others 2 Teens Shot at Georgia Soccer Park Young Kids Blamed in Infant's Death Police: Over 20 Males Raped Girl Halloween Pranks Lead to Chaos Armed Student Takes Class Hostage
    La. Man Set on Fire Nebraska Trucker Kills Woman, Self Ore. Man Accused of Killing Wife PA Man Charged in Dragging Death Fired Stockbroker Charged in Killing Mom, Boyfriend Prostitute 12-Yr.-Old Boy Shot in Head by Brother Body Parts Found in Woman's Freezer S.C. Mother Accused of Ax Killing Philly Motorist Shot in Road Rage Police: NY Couple Strangled Parents Cops: Calif. Girl Raped in School Gambler Kills Family, Himself Ex-Con Charged in Boy's Slaying NY Cops: Four Kids Abused in School Three Found Dead in Florida Home Coaches, Parents Fight After Game Newborn Kidnapped from Hospital Boy, 13, Charged With Auto Theft Three Dead at Miss. Plant Shooting Cops: Mom Tries To Suffocate Child Soccer Mom Found Guilty of Assault 17 Executed for Crimes as Juveniles 4 L.A. Students Charged With Rape Teen Charged With Murdering Baby Prosecutors: Man Beat, Burned Wife Fla. Teen Charged With Killing Dad Officer Charged in Killing
    6 Shot At Murder Victim's Memorial Ga. Sheriff-Elect Killed in Ambush Police: Ga. Man Kills Family, Self Three Killed in California Shootings Police: Miami Boy Plotted Murder
    Police Charge Teen With Raping Baby
    Two Dead at Miss. Day Care Center
    Man With Machete Attacks School
    3 Dead in Murder-Suicide Shooting Shooting Leaves Two Dead in Alabama Five Killed in Illinois Factory Shooting Mom Accused of Breaking Baby's Bones Founder of Restaurant Chain Killed
    City Council Employee Fatally Shot
    Gunman Sought in Nightclub Shooting
    Students Wanted To Copy Columbine D.C. Cops: Student Stabbed to Death Man Kills 3 Children, Self in Texas
    10-Year-Old Accused of Sex Assault Girl Charged With Making Hit List Stepfather Charged In Infant Death Man Killed in Central Park Shooting
    Man Shot, Killed Over Dog Complaints
    Va. Mother Charged in Kids' Stabbing
    Prosecutor: Nurse Poisoned Patients 8-Year-Old Brought Gun to School California School Shooting Kills 2 Police: Son Killed Dad Over Music Toddler Dies After Shooting Himself Eight California Students Arrested Father Allegedly Bites Coach Man Kills Self, 2 Others in Tenn.
    Cops: Man Dismembered Girlfriend 2 Students Arrested for Threats Man Charged With Killing Brother Three Killed in San Diego Home Mich. Man Shoots Co-Worker
    Students Suspended for 'Hit List'
    Growing Tragedy of Elder Abuse 10th-Grader Killed at Ind. School
    Student Charged With School Threat
    Teen Monk Confesses to Killing Nun Four Charged in Killing of Teacher 2 Kids Arrested in Church Vandalism Four Die in Senior Center Shooting Mom Convicted of Killing Daughter Fla. Girl Suspended for Threat Ohio Mom Accused of Killing 2 Kids 9-Yr-Old Girl Brings Loaded Gun to School Stray Bullet Kills Phila. Minister Parents Arrested for Chaining Teen Teen Fires Shots at Principal Dad Said Ordered Son To Shoot Him Three Killed in St. Louis Shooting Man Arraigned for Stabbing Children 3 Dead in NY Drug-Related Shooting 14-Year-Old Stabbed at Ky. School One Dead After Cincinnati Shooting
    Texas Student Commits Suicide Grandma, 3 Kids Killed in Calif.
    Hofstra U. Student Charged in Death Two Dead in Kentucky Church Shooting
    Officer Killed in Houston Shootout 1 Dead, 3 Hurt in Wal-Mart Shooting N.J. Cop Killed in Apparent Dispute
    Cops: 6-Year-Old Kills Toddler Girl Found Beheaded; ID Unknown Kindergartener Brings Knife to School 9-Year-Old N.C. Boy Charged in Death 4 Dead in Suspected Murder-Suicide Man Cited in Cookie Monster Assault Woman Shot at Crowded Michigan Zoo Teens Charged in Beating Death
    Mother and 3 Children Found Dead Man Kills Two Sons, Injures a Third Four Shooting Deaths Shock Vermont Minn. Mom Charged in Girls' Deaths Driver Gets Shot, Hits Bar; 6 Hurt Minn. Man Arrested After Gunbattle Preschooler Found With Dead Parents Man Shoots Wife, Son at Baseball Game Ex-Home Depot Employee Kills Three Husband Allegedly Kills Wife 13-Year-Old Accused in Cousin's Death Police: Girls Tried to Rob Bank Man Allegedly Hangs Son, Then Self
    Death Blamed on Wrestling Imitation One Dead After Ala. Plant Shooting Two Deputies Killed in Calif. Boy Allegedly Partied After Murders L.A. School Police Officer Shot Fla. Teen to Be Charged in Murder Teens Charged With Killing Homeless Parents Charged in Deaths of Children Boys Accused in Beating Death of Girl Okla. Man Kills Wife, Kids, Self Fla. Mom Held in Killing of Baby Son of Sacramento Suspect Found Dead People Stabbed Outside Miami Club Man Sets Minn. Teen on Fire
    5 Slain in Calif.; Suspect Sought Police Seek Man in Seven Iowa Slayings
    Police: Fla. Mom Shot 6-Year-Old Gun Fires in Student's Pocket 3 Killed, 3 Hurt in Calif. Shooting
    Woman Shot Outside Ky. School
    Police: Texas Man Kills Ex-Wife, Son post WTC
    Teen Arrested in Fatal Shooting
    Police Claim To Foil School Plot
    Brothers Charged With Killing Father Man Kills Wife, Diner Owner, Self Boy Calif. Charged With Killing Grandparents
    Boy Fatally Shoots Brother Teens Accused in Plot to Bomb School College Sophomore Charged in Rape Fla. Youngsters Held in Killing Woman Dead in Texas Office Shooting
    Police: Florida Father Kills Infant Teens Arrested in NY Mall Stabbing
    Big Cats Worth More Dead Than Alive
    1 Killed, 2 Hurt in Texas Shooting 3 Killed in Calif. Wedding Gunfire
    Texas Teen Held After Bombs Found Shooting at Va. Law School Kills 3 N.Y. Teen Charged With Killing Dad NYC Teen Brought Gun in Side Door Pa. Man Shoots Mall Worker, Self Ark. Father, Son Shot to Death
    Three Dead in Pittsburgh Shooting
    Parents, Children Found Dead in Pa
    Priest Charged Over Date-Rape Drug Student Dies Giving Birth in Dorm Bus Garage Shooting Leaves 1 Dead Fathers Banned From Hockey Games Brawl Erupts at Pa. High School Game
    Four Men Found Slain in Pa
    Boy, 12, Pleads Guilty in Stabbing
    Two Found Dead in Conn. House
    Student's Newborn Found Dead in Trash
    Man With Rifle Kills Two, Self
    Girls Allegedly Attack Teen Counselor
    Ten Hurt After Gunfire in Calif
    Teen Mom Arrested in Baby's Death
    Children Held Hostage by Armed Mother Man Shoots, Kills 7-Yr.-Old
    Teen Charged With Six N.J. Murders
    3 Shot to Death in N. Philadelphia
    Shopper Surrenders in Checkout Rage
    4th Grader Struck With Hammer
    Gunman Kills 3 in Mich. Courthouse
    Boy, 4, Kills 18-Month-Old Girl
    Chinese Restaurant Shooting Kills 2
    Woman Helped Husband Impregnate Child R.I. Man Kills Ex-Wife, Himself
    Family of Six Found Dead in Oregon
    HS Athlete Killed in Robbery Attempt
    Three Dead in New Mexico Shooting
    Pa. Kid Gang Allegedly Invades Apt. Man Shoots Would-Be Rescuers, Two Dead
    Gunman Kills Four at Indiana Plant
    Youth Charged in Ga. Teacher Slay
    Man Held As Bodies Found in Trunk Burned Body Found in Kentucky Car
    Ill. Man Accused of Killing 3
    Court: Man Dumped Family in Ocean
    California Man Kills Children, Self
    Death Penalty Sought for Retarded Man Mich. Boy Charged in Brother's Death
    Calif. Family Found Dead in House
    Okla. Teen Arrested in Murder Plot
    Two Men Charged in Stabbing Death
    Boy Allegedly Killed by Siblings
    octor Killed in Work Shooting
    Man Beaten to Death Over Car Fight
    Mom Charged in Son's Stabbing
    Teen Charged in Brother's Murder Fired Worker Shoots Supervisor Fla. Man Accused in Sibling Death NYC Student Stabs Woman, Kills Self
    Father Held in Son's Stabbing Death
    Husband Arrested in Wife's Shooting Wash. Teen Holds Class at Knifepoint Bomb Found in Home of Kansas Teenager
    Tenn. Man Charged in Family Killing
    Teen Charged in Girl's Rape-Slaying
    Police: Man Killed 2 Children, Hurt Wife
    Florida Man Captured After Killing Son
    Body of Abducted U. of Tenn. Sudent Found
    Wife Charged in Perfume Plot Vs. Husband
    Texas Woman Charged in Sons' Murders
    Calif. Baby Allegedly Beaten by Dad Dies
    Rural Ga. High School Segregates Proms
    Homeless Man Set on Fire in Calif.
    Two Men Open Fire Outside Hard Rock Café
    Ohio Nurse Charged in Killing With Bagel
    Man Allegedly Holds Wife Captive 2 Years
    Student Kills Self in Pa. School With Gun
    Calif. Teen(14) Gets Life Without Parole
    30,000 Calif. Caregivers Arrested in '03
    Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend, Shoots Self
    Ex-Deacon Pleads to Molestation Charges
    Mont. Rancher Allegedly Shoots 7, Kills 1
    Vt. Trooper Killed Trying to Stop Drive
    N.J. Mom Admits Using Kids to Help Rob Bank
    Mom's Boyfriend Charged in Baby's Death
    Wis. Woman Charged in Baby's Death
    Skelter' Said to Lead Teens to Kill Boy
    Missing North Dakota Student's Body Found
    N.C. Boy Killed by Father's Pit Bulls
    Texas Woman Finds Son, 6, Dead in Oven
    Three Arrested in Texas Quadruple Slayings
    Teen Pleads Guilty in Grandmother's Death
    11 Suspected in Alleged Nebraska Rape
    Two Children Stabbed to Death in Conn.
    Pa. Woman Charged With Killing Young Sons
    Study: Teens Saw More Alcohol Ads in 2002
    Conn. Man Charged in 2 Children's Deaths
    Slain Porn Star Linked to 'Snuff' Film
    2 Men Shot Dead in Phoenix Office Complex
    Body of 8-Year-Old Missing Ga. Girl Found
    Pa. Man Accused of Killing Wife, Stepson
    Four People Found Dead in K.C. Home
    Dad Convicted of Dropping Baby 7 Stories
    Fight Blamed in Slaying of Neb. Athlete
    Violence Among Girls Increasing in U.S.
    Man Said to Torch Home in Divorce Case
    Two Charged in Md. High School Shooting
    Man Pleads to Stabbing Pregnant Girlfriend
    Student Charged With Killing Unborn Sons
    Colo. Dad Pleads Guilty in Kids' Deaths 2 Dead, 2 Children Hurt in Mich. Shooting
    Teen Beaten Unconscious; 2 Girls Charged
    Ga. Students Held in School Killing Plot
    Mich. Priest Arrested in Online Sex Sting
    Boaters Rescued After 14 Hours in Gulf
    utah Man Kills Woman, Himself in Shooting
    Man Kills Woman, Himself Near Utah Schoo
    Teen Killed Outside Dallas Clu
    Calif. Teachers Said to Help Pupils Cheat
    2 Men Arrested in Deaths of 3 Md. Children
    Penn. Man Accused of Killing for $20


      politics have nothing to do with causing this type of crime..the criminal is responsible
      cauda equina