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17-yr-old w/ a anoxic brain injury -- getting better?

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    17-yr-old w/ a anoxic brain injury -- getting better?

    Sunday, 23 March 2008
    Disabled teen still showing progress after stem cell treatment
    Jeremy Duda -DAILY HERALD

    More than a year after she received stem cell treatment in China, Tori Schmanski is still showing signs of improvement. Tim and Maria Schmanski aren't sure how much of their daughter's progress is due to that trip to the Beike Clinic in Hangzhou, China, but they believe it helped. Progress may be slow, but Tori is still making new strides all the time.

    • JUST LAST WEEK, TORI was able to complete an exercise her parents and therapists have been working on for a year -- she was able blow a whistle. It may seem like a small indicator of progress to most people, but to someone in Tori's condition it was a tremendous leap.

    "I started hearing this whistle ... and I thought it was my boy Brendan playing with a whistle. I was going to go tell him to be quiet, and then I went in there and it was her, so blow all you want," Tim said.

    Tori, now 17, suffered a debilitating brain injury in 2005 after a car wreck left her underwater for an extended period of time. The anoxic brain injury left her unable to talk, feed herself, use the bathroom or move around freely.
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.