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Sam Sullivan article in Saturday's New York Times

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    Sam Sullivan article in Saturday's New York Times

    New York Times reporter was in Vancouver doing a piece on Sam. Here's the article:

    Vancouver’s Former Mayor Remains Face of the Games

    It seems that everyone considers Sam the face of the games even though he's no longer mayor of Vancouver. Love that iconic photo.

    At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Sullivan’s friend Brad McCannell was swarmed by the Chinese, who thought that any man in a wheelchair must be the one who waved the Olympic flag in 2006.

    “It was like the whole world shouted, ‘Why not?’ ” McCannell said. “It was astounding. Sam’s become the face of all of this.”

    People still ask about that moment, still write letters describing how Sullivan inspired them. He hopes the image relays the appropriate message, that Vancouver once had a disabled mayor because of its accessibility and inclusiveness, not the other way around.

    Anyone named Sam Sullivan just has to be a cool dude.

    That is my brother's name!
    Veni.Vidi,Velcro...I came, I saw, I stuck around.

    Vidi, Vici, et Veni, et Veni, et Veni...