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Heidi Reports; Identify Disability Consumer Preferences

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    Heidi Reports; Identify Disability Consumer Preferences

    Fall 2002 &ldquoHeidi Reports&rdquo Identify Disability Consumer Preferences

    Current Release of Bi-Annual Syndicated Research Focuses on Market Potential of Disability Community for Telecomm, Financial, Auto and Employment Industries

    DETROIT, MI -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 02/11/2003 -- iCan! Inc. announced today the release of the Fall 2002 Heidi Van Arnem Disability Consumer Research Report designed to identify current consumer preferences and patterns within the disability community. &ldquoThe Heidi Reports&rdquo provide the only on-going collection of actionable data for businesses seeking to evaluate their current brand position within the disability community and measure their efforts to develop and market products and services to the largest minority group.

    The Fall 2002 &ldquoHeidi Report&rdquo focuses on Employment, Finance, Automotive, and Telecommunication usage and preferences of the disability community. Data was gathered from 1,519 individuals with varying disabilities via, as well as by telephone, e-mail, direct mail and in-person interviews. The survey consisted of 75 questions in addition to respondents&rsquo personal information.

    Key market data that was identified in the Fall 2002 &ldquoHeidi Reports&rdquo includes:

    - Visa ranked as the most preferred credit card over Mastercard --
    by a two to one margin -- followed by Discover and American

    - Of the more than 100 Web sites mentioned, was
    preferred over others for job searching -- by a 4 to 1 margin
    over government Web sites, and 5 to 1 over Yahoo!.

    - Ford ranked as the preferred automotive nameplate, and domestic
    nameplates accounted for more than 80% of vehicles owned by
    people with disabilities.

    - 94.2% of the Heidi Reports&rsquo respondents reported owning a
    cellular phone while fewer than a quarter use PDAs.

    - AT&T ranked as the leading provider of long distance service
    from the home while Verizon rated the cellular phone service
    provider of choice among people with disabilities.

    &ldquoEvery time we bring this type of data to market, we see the immediate impact of improved awareness of the disability population as a market,&rdquo said Kenny Rudolph, iCan!&rsquos President and COO. &ldquoThe Heidi Reports lead to increased focus on products and services that meet the needs of the disability community, which is good for business and for the 49.7 million Americans with disabilities.&rdquo

    &ldquoThe Heidi Reports&rdquo are available on a subscription basis via iCan!&rsquos award-winning Web site,, (, or by calling 1-877-ASK-ICAN. Special discounted rates are available for non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Heidi Report subscribers include General Motors, Visa, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Discover, AOL and Ford.

    iCan! Inc. is the gateway to solutions for the 49.7 million Americans with disabilities and for leaders in business seeking to better understand the market, as well as to prepare for the dramatic shift in the senior population in the decades ahead. iCan! offers specialty media for the disability community ( and &ldquoOn A Roll Radio&rdquo) and a platform of corporate services for businesses wishing to evaluate, prepare and promote their commitment to the nation&rsquos largest minority market. iCan!&rsquos award-winning consumer Web site,, is the largest online disability community, and was founded in 1998 by Heidi Van Arnem (1966-2001) to create life-changing opportunities for the growing number of people with disabilities.

    Visit our website at
    Contact: Kenny Rudolph
    Company: iCan! Inc.
    Title: President/COO
    Phone: 248-594-4226 ext. 121

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