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Survey for the SCI community on their thoughts about SCI research

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    Survey for the SCI community on their thoughts about SCI research

    My name is Michael, I have a T9 SCI and I'm working for Spinal Research.

    We want to gauge your feelings about the research landscape - whether you think research will ever benefit you, what you believe the current obstacles are, how far away meaningful treatment is, whether you'd be willing to take part in clinical trials etc.

    If you can spare 5 minutes, we would really appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective by clicking the link below. Thank you so much.

    I filled out the survey. However might as well discuss a few things here...

    I do think research has come a long way. The problem is whether it is funding, lack of results, or other reasons... It seems like no matter how exciting or innovative something new is, after the initial information on it, we never will hear about it again.

    Research takes FARRRRR too long to get moving and once it starts moving from the initial phases it seems like it never progresses to the following phases. Just look at what Dr Wise Young is trying to do. If it wasn't such a serious thing for so many people's lives it would be comedic.

    I have an amazing research facility five minutes from my house. And I am not exaggerating when I say 5 minutes. They have money, equipment, staffing, doctors and researchers since its a research college... I have been discussing getting into a study to do stimulation with treadmill with these people for over 2 years. Constant delays. Constant excuses. And now it's finally been canceled indefinitely.

    All the equipment in the world sitting there. If I can get on that equipment for a few hours a day and get zapped at the same time I might improve to the point of complete Independence considering my injury level. But I can't do it because they are virtually useless.

    The entire thing is a real shame. On the positive side it's never been a better time to be a handicapped mouse. They can fix their little spinal cords and get them moving with duct tape and super glue...



      The survey I wish to post is designed by myself working for Spinal Research, a not-for-profit charity. The Survey itself is a qualitative assessment of the views held by those with spinal cord injuries on SCI research in order to establish tone. These are submitted anonymously on Survey Monkey, the free online survey tool.

      Thank you,
      Michael Leighton


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        Ok. I will make an exception and approve your survey post. It will show up below this sticky Topic in the Survey sub forum.

      Thank you so much!