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Affordability and Accessibility of Wheelchairs

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    Affordability and Accessibility of Wheelchairs

    Hey y'all! My name is Atharva Deshmukh and I am a 5th year biomedical engineering student at Georgia Tech. I'm in a start-up class and my group is evaluating problems there may be with devices like wheelchairs, walkers and/or crutches. We're currently interviewing people to further understand the problems you guys are facing first hand. We are looking for people who either
    a) need/use medical devices like wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches (and more!),
    b) struggle to get access to important medical devices, or
    c)have valuable second-hand experience with people who use these tools (like doctors, caregivers, etc).
    Would anyone be open to participating in a 10 minute phone call to help me get a better idea of the needs surrounding medical device accessibility? Please leave a comment or email me at Any insight will help our group!

    This can be approved with the information in our requirements for such posts is met. The post has been moved to this forum, which is the only one where such surveys/research requests may be posted.

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