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  • Rain, Rain, Rain

    Is rain a problem for you? We are working on developing a new rain protection product, which we hope to have available by Spring. But we need your help. We need to learn more about what people are using. Plus, we plan to select a few people as testers to make sure that this thing actually works the way we think it will.

    So, please help us to help you, by taking 2 or 3 minutes to fill out this short survey.

    And if you can suggest any other place to post it (for example a relevant facebook group, etc), I would be pleased if you would tell me below, or better yet, feel free to post it there.

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    This is a big SCI group on FB. I posted it-


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      Questionnaire/survey about how wheelchair users deal with rain

      Hey all! I recently connected with Gene Emmer of over on the Reddit r/spinalcordinjuries sub, who was trying to see if we, as wheelchair users, had any particular struggles with rain (and heaven knows we do), and what sort of products could be made to help ease that. He and I have been having a back and forth, along with some other wheelchair users from the sub, but he'd like feedback from a wider audience as well, and asked that I post this short questionnaire about rain troubles. Would be helpful if folks have time to fill it out!

      (Also, mods, hopefully this isn't against the rules, but please let me know if it is)