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Looking for reviews on new novel about main character w SCI

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    Looking for reviews on new novel about main character w SCI

    I'm looking for reviews for my novel, Into the Deep End. I am working with Project Walk, and part of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Project Walk Foundation, but I'd like to get the word out about the book. No one can find it if they don't know it exists.

    If anyone is willing to read it and write an honest review for Goodreads and/or Amazon, I would be incredibly grateful. Just let me know and I'll send you an e-book version in the format you prefer.

    Thanks so much, and the synopsis is below.

    Before doesn't exist. Not for Luke Stevenson. Not anymore.

    He once dreamt of winning Olympic gold and escaping his crappy little New Mexico town, but that dream shattered the night a drunk driver took his twin sister and confined him to a wheelchair. Mourning Bethany and struggling to cope with his new paraplegic life, Luke is blind with rage at everyone and everything.

    Adriana Toomey, the only other survivor of the crash, can barely crawl out of bed after burying her fianc?, Luke's best friend. But what haunts her most, she has no memory of that fatal night.

    An old friend who manages a camp for special needs kids, strong-arms the broken pair to act as counselors for three weeks. Seeing each other again is painful. Luke reminds Adriana too much of the man she was going to marry. Luke, who secretly loves his best friend's girl, has no idea how to be the kind of man any woman would want. Disabled and destroyed, what could he possibly have to offer now?

    Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.
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    I am not sure you really want someone from here to review it. I conclude from your profile that you are not injured, do not have a SCI. It would be very hard for someone that is not injured to write from this perspective. I think I can safely say that, having lived 32 years pre sci and 24 post sci. It would have been good to have had someone reading and consulting as you wrote. I am making this observation from the very little bit you have posted here so maybe I am wrong. Best of luck to you....


      Might I suggest the following 2 books...

      Across the street from hell (Mark Hall-C4)

      Relentless-Against all odds (Josh Wood-Quad)

      Eric Harness, CSCS
      Neuro Ex, Inc
      Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery