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Inclusive Fitness SUrvey- Capstone Project

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    Inclusive Fitness SUrvey- Capstone Project

    Hi Everyone,

    First and foremost I am new to this forum so hello. I have been reading up on a lot of threads in the past and decided to join as a member a few weeks ago.

    My name is Ania. I have a physical disability (Spina Bifida) and am a wheelchair athlete.

    I am a college student graduating this year. I am studying Kinesiology at California State University Monterey Bay and need your help in filling out a survey for a final capstone I am doing. The project is on the subject of inclusive fitness.

    My goal is to develop a toolkit that allows for faculty to create a fitness curriculum that is inclusive to people with disabilities.

    I have three surveys up which are open to anyone.

    Please find the one that best describes you and be as thorough as possible. The more detailed the answer the more information I will have to create something that addresses everyone's needs, concerns, etc.

    The surveys are short and will probably take you between 5- 30 minutes.

    Thank you in advance. Your responses will really help with the progression of this project.


    FITNESS INSTRUCTORS/KINESIOLOGY STUDENTS *and other fitness related fields* ( ex. personal trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, kinesiology students, adapted PE teachers, etc)


    All surveys are anonymous. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    Thanks in advance for your responses!
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