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Pain and diet

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    Pain and diet

    I am a researcher interested in SCI pain. Recently talked to a woman with paraplegia who is a trained nutritionist. She eliminated grain, sugar and most milk products from her diet with substantial elimination of neuropathic pain. She notes that when she "cheats" and eats a sandwich, NP pain ramps up again.

    Has anyone noted a relationship between NP pain and diet?


    J Scott Richards, PhD
    University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Yes, I definitely have since I developed IBS about 30 years ago, this was 4 years after my SCI. I have to be really careful what I eat and getting enough sleep helps out too. If I don't do either of these things it feels like blow torches are being taken to my legs and my lower belly. I am a complete t4 injury with no sensation below my chest.
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      I've found no correlation to my diet. Being a touch OCD, I have logged various factors and their impact on pain.

      The most direct effect on my pain are weather and sleep. I have pretty severe Central Pain as well as other pain modalities and sleep extremely poorly. Weather, clearly out of personal control, can wreak havoc. Pain impacts sleep so it is a viscous circle, but when I get a few days of acceptable sleep it helps noticeably. Less the Central Pain, but more the nociceptive pain from multiple injuries and orthopedic repairs over time.

      I am ambulatory Cauda Equina, Fused C2-3, multiple thoracic issues, Fused L345 S1,




        I had a 95% reduction in pain after giving up gluten and grains. I minimize my dairy intake and eat no processed foods. I did this two years ago and never looked back. If I could only give up sugar!


          Yes very much so. I've learned to eat very small meals and keep fat down. I order of effects.
          1. Food
          2. Weather
          3. Stress
          4. Sleep anyone of these will potentially set it off.



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