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Accessible Game Controller on MakeyMakey Hardware

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    Accessible Game Controller on MakeyMakey Hardware

    Good night, fellows!

    I am a Design student in Brazil. I and my friends developed a gamepad for the physically disabled, people in rehabs, children and the elderly in general. However, we could not test it on real physically disabled people and you guys can't test the mock-up because of the distance, but you could still help me, if you wish.

    Here's a video showing the controller.
    The question: do you think the physically disabled could play with this controller?

    It uses the Makey Makey technology, so the buttons would correspond to the commands on the computer.
    Makey Makey:
    Basically, if you have the hardware, a piece of fabric and some plastic you could create at your home this controller. However, the design is not the ideal for our purpose - it is possibly not suitable for the physically disabled gamer and, at the actual stage of the gamepad, it requires 2 hardwares, making it more expensive and not practical.

    Moreover, if you wish and may answer some questions for research purpose, message me or send me and e-mail to and I'll send you the questions.

    There's an article with more details of the controller here:
    but it is only in Portuguese. I could translate it if there's interest.

    Thank you all