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Airport wheelchair design survey (Commercial)

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    Originally posted by envite_design View Post
    One of the main reasons in designing a new chair to be used in the airports is definitely the aisle chairs... aka fridge dollys, mummy wrapping included. They are very demeaning in talking to people who have had to use them and uncomfortable among millions of other adjectives that describe how bad they are. I am happy that this forum is showing the continuing trend of hating aisle chairs because it is more proof that they should be eliminated.
    Continuing trend? It's always been that way.

    FYI, you're trying a little too hard.


      Continuing trend, why yes it is an unfortunate one that i plan on changing

      definition of trend: the general course or prevailing tendency.

      aka the way it is and has been for a prevailing time. aka its been like that forever. And they are terrible. That is why the design of wheelchairs used in airports, etc must be rethought.