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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital SCI Study

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    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital SCI Study

    Hi all!

    I am a research assistant in the Neuromodulation Laboratory at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. If you haven't heard of us, we are located in Boston, MA, and our hospital is dedicated to rehabilitation for a variety of medical issues including stroke, Parkinson's, and concussion.

    Neuromodulation is a fancy way of saying "we use magnetic and electric current to stimulate and measure brain activity". Our lab is currently doing a study on chronic pain due to spinal cord injury, and we are looking for individuals who would like to take part in our research.

    The purposeof our research is to determine whether a non-invasive brain stimulation technique, called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), can decrease the perception of pain to those suffering from SCI. tDCS works by stimulating areas of the brain which are responsible for controlling pain. This is done by sending painless electrical pulses through the brain using a tDCS machine. It’s a small handheld device, powered by a 9V battery.

    We would love to hear from you about our study. Please contact us if you are at all interested in participating, or even just to ask more about the research that goes on at Spaulding. Call us at: 617-573-2499, or email us at:

    Thanks guys!