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    Thanks for voting again. My mission is to host a show where the public sees the host in a wheel chair. It will be the first time on TV worldwide. We, the paralyzed and our caregivers would be supported with me as their strong advocate. Money earned from my show will be devoted to assisting us in daily living and caregivers.

    I'm reaching out to the CareCure Community for help.
    I gratefully appreciate your voting again and again, for posting to other members in our community, to your facebook friends and family.

    I'm only behind by a million 1/2 votes but I know that with the active support of those living with paralysis, I and we will overcome the odds.

    Please let me know how I can reach more in our CareCure Community.

    With gratitude,
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      Sarah's Mom
      Your daughter and brother "are both truly amazing people", as you are!

      Thanks again for your vote. By hosting my own show, the public will see for the first time on TV the host sitting in a wheelchair with people like you, your daughter and brother.

      I think its about time we are represented on TV.

      Only behind by a million 1/2 votes. I believe that with the support of those living with paralysis and cancer voting there will be a strong advocate, ME for US.

      LaMemChose voted again. By getting the word out so that others vote, and vote again and again, we will overcome the odds.

      With gratitude,


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        HI teena,
        Thanks for voting. g I would appreciate your help in getting the word out to the CareCure Community and beyond so that I/we who are living with paralysis overcome the odds.

        Ralleying the SCI community, friends, and family behind me will give voice to us and our families.

        For the first time the TV audience will see me as host of my show sitting in a wheelchair.

        Money from my show will be used to help us in our daily living.

        With gratitude for your vote and for your help reaching out to tells others.


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          my vote is in
          My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.