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Re-Inventing the Wheel film

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    Re-Inventing the Wheel film

    From their FB page:

    "We are excited to share that Re-Inventing The Wheel will be airing this Friday, June 4th on AMI -tv (Accessible Media Inc.) at 7pm EST & 4pm PST. This will be available to all Canadians with a basic cable package."

    Synopsis: A unique wheelchair community in the Okanagan Valley guides newly injured, Dan McLean, through his first year of life as a paraplegic.

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    Watched the trailer, looks good.
    Thanks, will be keeping an eye out for it to be showing in the States


      Definitely looking forward to seeing this. I haven't seen when it will be viewable in the states yet rep
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        You can follow their page on FB and get alerts to when this will be available outside of Canada. (KLD)

      This looks neat!

      (FYI, I've used a VPN to trick the regional restrictions on Netflix before. That might be an option, if this is available on a streaming platform via the internet.)
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