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Stunning performance

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    Stunning performance

    So, I'm a sucker for amazing vocal harmony and simple acoustic music.

    I don't think I've seen or heard 2 people and one guitar so thoroughly enjoying what they're doing and producing a stunning example of what music performance is all about (sharing a beautiful moment of creation).

    Not to mention the musicality of it all (the simplicity, the harmony, the balance and interplay between major and minor tonalities...etc).

    I'm kinda smitten with this performance so thought I'd share it.

    This is Irish folk singers Lisa Hannigan and Loah singing Lisa's song Undertow live at the National Gallery of Ireland this past May for the #Courage2020 campaign. They don't usually do this together, so it was a magical moment IMO.

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    Very Great!
    Some of my favorite and most evocative music comes from the British Isles. And is relatively obscure. Records you had to send away for and you'll never let go!
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      Lovely. My hearing is very limited but I can often "get" simple arrangements. Thank you for sharing. I miss music.


        If I had my eyes closed I would have guessed Norah Jones.