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BBC: World's Busiest Cities; on Netflix

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  • BBC: World's Busiest Cities; on Netflix

    This show follows 4 BBC journalists on tour of some of the craziest cities on Earth. One of the journalists is a wheelchair user. Looks like a para of some sort. Pretty cool seeing him get around these places, when his segments come up. Edit: his name is Ade Adetipan.
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    Ade has been making travel shows for the BBC for many years and often visits inaccessible place around the world. He had polio as a child which led to the loss of use of his left leg, but can hobble around a little.

    Not sure if the links will play outside the UK without a VPN:
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      I've been watching Netflix's The World's Most Extraordinary Homes recently. It's very interesting for me since I've always been an architecture enthusiast and really great to see all these extraordinary designs from around the world. Besides smart technologies they have which can easily be adapted into accesible technologies look very promising. During my last trip to Greece I had a chance to visit such houses, it was like heaven on earth and since then it's my biggest dream to buy property in Greece