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    Help identifying a movie

    I’m trying to remember a movie that I don’t think got very wide distribution.

    ***I think it is called Kids. Don’t read this if you want see it.

    It opens with two young adolescents kissing loudly. The main guy later put talks about having sex only with virgins, so there’s no risk of disease. Meanwhile, he has HIV, and spreads it to who I think was his opening kissing partner, who looks a little a young Cameron Diaz maybe, but less sparkly. She gets an HIV test because it was the youth thing to do in the city, and learns she is HIV positive. She goes to a party trying to find the guy, and friends pop drugs in her mouth so she somewhat loses her bearings. While she’s looking for the guy, he is seducing a young Latina girl, without a condom. It was a difficult moving.

    I thought it was called Thirteen, but when I look at up it doesn’t seem right. That yields a 2003 movie with Holly Hunter. I think this was in the later 90s. It knocked the breath out of my youth group, and me too, but head injuries have rusted my sense of time.

    Does anyone know?
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    I think I might’ve been called Kids.
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    its a 1995 flick. Great movie!



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