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RIP Dave Brubeck

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    RIP Dave Brubeck

    One of the towering masters of modern jazz. He was 91 years old:

    Probably his most famous piece, Take Five:

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      My favorite is "Unsquare Dance." He wrote it in 1961 on his way to the recording studio where he recorded it the same day. It is written in 7/4 time.



        Let's see anyone game enough to keep up with that tempo. I can hand clap and keep up. Sad loss, Dave Brubeck was a fantastic musician and improviser. A jazz legend.


          "Time Out" is one of the great all-time jazz albums and an absolutely perfect introduction to jazz for listeners new to jazz.

          I was shocked to read the thread title, having not heard of this until now. Very sad.


            I first heard Take Five on a Pink Panther cartoon as a kid but forgot about it. Then I heard it for the "first time" again in the movie Pleasantville. I didn't realize that I had heard it as a kid until a couple years ago.

            I heard Unsquare Dance in Silver Linings Playbook and loved it. I started listening to more of D.B. and I'm pretty sure that "Blue Rondo ? la Turk" was used in a commercial in the late 70's for a life insurance company or something similar... Met Life maybe.