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  • Can we talk about it yet?

    anyone see it?????????????????
    An administrator made me remove my signature.

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    Just saw it tonight. I thought it was great. I ran through the whole gamut of emotions, from 'Nice way to introduce yourself, Mr. Bane' to 'Oh my God, this city is f**ked' to 'Hell yeah Batman, get out of that hole!' to 'Catwoman on a batcycle? Dat. Ass!' to a little 'yay!' at the end scene on a terrace in Europe somewhere.

    Loved the city shots. Dude knows how to film a movie in Imax!

    And I like how each movie in the trilogy has it's own distinct flavor and theme. A little dark for a summer popcorn flick (and even darker considering recent events), but this is how good movies are done, people.

    Then there's this guy... he actually picked up my kid and hung him upside down once on the TO streets.


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      I took my kids to see Batman it was great......
      For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness


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        ck-Did your kid answer the age-old question "Where are the headphones going?"

        Did he pee himself?
        Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


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          TBH, I think he was asking for it. This guy's pretty hilarious and has become a mini-celebrity in Toronto à la NYC's naked cowboy. My kids was walking around saying 'MY PARENTS ARE DEAD! SWEAR TO ME! WHERE ARE THE DRUGS GOING!?' for weeks.


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            Originally posted by anty View Post
            I took my kids to see Batman it was great......
            Trust me you make a Great mom to your parents !