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    this episode made me imagine. made me wish. what would it be like to be cured? What would it be like to be the only person to be able to cure people of everything?

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    Nice video find, Jody...

    I heard one time shortly after coming home from rehab that an older blind man regained his sight after being struck by lightning. For a long time after that, when a thunderstorm came by, I'd go sit out on the porch and wait for a healing bolt from the sky.

    In that episode of Amazing Stories, it looked as though those he healed gave up their healing to bring him back. (My monitor was really dark and hard to see) Anyway, it got me thinking... if someone came to you and healed you with their touch and shortly after needed it back to live, would you give it back? I personally would have a hard time even entertaining the thought.


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      I didn't interpret it that way, that they gave it back. More like they took some of the charge away by touching him.

      there is a person here who was struck by lightning at Yosemite. getting struck didnt do him any good at all, in fact that is why he is here.

      I always wondered if it was the same boy that was struck the summer I was in Yosemite.


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        Well, in any case, would you give back a healing if the person who gave it to you needed back to live?