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    RIP Joe. LOL @ that forehead curl. Joe's surprisingly inarticulate, he must have lived inside his head a lot. Simonon is better-spoken, but doesn't want America to see his teeth. What adorable, earnest, talented guys.

    They were awesome. I bet they hated the Pistols for co-opting and trashing their movement.
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      Originally posted by betheny View Post
      New Wave was even cooler than I remember. Digging The Talking Heads today. It was listenable. Party-able. feisty educated me last night re Talking Heads I must have been too broke to buy records at that time.

      If you had any Pistols memorabilia I was gonna put you on Ignore.

      Punk was ppl that got too loaded to play instruments they couldn't play sober. MacLaren's rehearsal room must have stunk to high heaven.

      That's why I don't classify Clash and Ramones and Duff McKagen as punk. They played music and punk was noise.

      That feels better. The Pistols tainted punk; it was just attitude and noise. Attitude is fine but take a damn shower. J Rotten was disgusting-Vicious was atrocious. I always reckon they had to sink the boat used on God Save the Queen footage when the Pistols were done. Ugh.

      Don't get me started on disco LOL. That's how punk got a toehold, disco sucked and ppl got angry! Ppl call gnr punk, Slash is a master musician, always has been. Slash = the anti-punk, except for the attitude.

      LOL @ cockblocking the Pistols. If they'd had musical chops they'd have overcome that. Even Ozzy overcame it, when Sharon mailed human crap to an industry board meeting. If you can't tour or play on albums the industry will indeed put you on the street!
      Punk means rubbish and the pistols lived up to it
      however the new wave or new romantics meant that guys needed to look like puffs.
      More of a U2, Ska fan for me


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        Without Ska and Reggae, there would have been no Clash. It was a core inspiration for their music.

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          Here is a classic Music Video (Round And Round) from the 80's when MTV played music.


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            Maybe not totally 80s but pink Floyd was along for the ride often I still listen to them. Still have the first 8 track I ever bought credence clearwater fun times