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  • Sympathy for Delicious

    can someone watch this and let me know if it's any good? anyone seen it? it got mixed reviews at Sundance but it's now getting better press...

    I guess Mark Ruffalo was in Film School with the para actor Christopher Thornton before and during his accident, so he saw him go through certain scenarios in the film first hand. the wiki on Thornton himself is pretty impressive in itself (1st guy to play Hamlet onstage from a chair?)

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    Saw Sympathy For Delicious courtesy Netflix. I liked it. Author and star is a para and I saw the plot as a rumination about sci, Delicious is extremely depressed due to injury, is homeless and living in his car. He attends faith healing session but instead of getting cured receives the gift of healing others. He doesn't deal well w his newfound gift and has to be bribed and cajoled and deceived into helping others by an assortment of other self-serving people. Recommended viewing for all w sci, you might not agree w Thornton's perspective but it's very interesting. Nice, hopeful ending. I kept wondering when he did his bp and how he could sleep on that carseat w/o developing a sore.

    Mark Ruffalo, Thornton's real life friend, produces, directs and costars.


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      btw, thanks feisty, I would never have heard about this movie and put on my Netflix queue if not for this thread.


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        I saw it too and liked it. It requires the belief in supernatural healing, which is a stretch for me, but I truly enjoyed the film. There is a high degree of pathos because the healer can heal everyone but himself.


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          Just saw this today. Lots of eye candy ... and nice to see a para play a para ... and he's hot too!
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