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    "Bohemian Rhapsody" on a tiny Hawaiian ukulele.

    Now you will not hear this very often.


      Very cool! This is fun!


        I want to start a gimpy band. I got to meet Mr Jake and get some pointers from him at folk fest a couple years ago. I had to escort him through the cattle chutes to get his pay, and then out to his waiting airport limo. he is entirely the reason I started playing ukulele. he is very nice, and friendly, and I think he was barely taller than me. I missed my ukulele being signed only because I had put it down when I was called to escort someone to the security trailer.
        I would like to do a video for stem cell research, Bunch us playing I shall be released on ukulele. ukulele is very easy to learn, and great for someone who uses a wheelchair. you can get free lessons on ukulele underground.


          If you like Johnny Cash you will be shocked

          If you like Johnny Cash you are going to be shocked at this 15 year old kid from Seattle.


            That kid is amazing! Can't believe he has that voice!!


              Tinashe performs Mbira version of "Zambezi".

              Here is an instrument few have ever heard I am sure. Kid has a nice voice too.

              In African music, the mbira (also known as Likembe, Mbila, Thumb piano, Mbira Huru, Mbira Njari, Mbira Nyunga Nyunga, Karimbao or Kalimba) is a musical instrument consisting of a wooden board to which staggered metal keys have been attached. It is often fitted into a resonator.



                A Music Mashup

                Now here is something different.

                Mashup The Beatles and Joan Jet and Cypress Hill and House of Pain and finally add in RATM

                What do you get.

                This. And it is not bad at all. Well I didn't think so anyway.



                  A Little Hip Hop for you NFL Fans

                  Must admit this is pretty funny. Somebody has a musical sense of humour.

                  NFL Sounds of Summer Camp



                    A couple of Guitars and Vivaldi's Four Seasons

                    Vivaldiā€™s Four Seasons Summer Theme Cover On Two Electric Guitars



                      This is not out of Tradition just OLD

                      The Andrews Sisters'



                        four hands on the piano - a duet

                        It has been a few years since I have had a duet. okay 42 years, I know I am getting old.



                          Computer Music

                          Music using only sounds from Windows XP and 98



                            Brian Finnegan on low Eb whistle. Incredible!



                              A different way to drum



                                A different Juggler

                                Okay the last one I sent was a juggler that used a triangle as a drum. This one just uses a keyboard to play music.