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    Aside from the late Chris Reeve and the Great Cole Porter (who was not SCI but had both legs crushed in a riding accident, never to walk again) Who are some other REAL SCI actors and personalities.

    The Security geek from Las Vegas comes to mind. Anyone remember him?



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    Bingo, that guys name is Mitch Longley!


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      Daryl "Chill" Mitchell:


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        Roy Campanela, now deceased, but former cathcher for a New York baseball team. (I think Brooklyn?)


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          Originally posted by Eileen View Post
          Roy Campanela, now deceased, but former cathcher for a New York baseball team. (I think Brooklyn?)
          Definitely a Brooklyn DODGER!! I think the OP is asking about actors though, not sports personalities.

          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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            i know of rick hansen; he is canadian though.
            C5 with no grip/wrist ext. or triceps
            (DHAL) If you think you can, you will


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              Two more ....

              John Hockenberry .... he wrote a great book about his life: "Moving Violations"

              Fox News' "Charles Krauthammer"


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                Teal Scherer (Warm Springs)
                Robert David Hall (CSI) (double amputee)
                Jim Byrnes (Wiseguy, Highlander) (double amputee)
                Madlyn Rhue (Murder, She Wrote) (MS)


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                  Jim Knaub did some acting in the late '70's


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                    that chick that used to be a guest actress on facts of life. jearry the comedian, she has cp


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                      Originally posted by AirForceGirl View Post
                      John Hockenberry .... he wrote a great book about his life: "Moving Violations"

                      Fox News' "Charles Krauthammer"
                      I'm going to see John give the keynote address to this years Governors Conference on Disabilities. I'm sure that hall will be packed!



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                        John is also the source of one of my favorite SCI mottoes

                        Paraphrasing here

                        "Para's play more sports, but Quads have more dates"



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                          Justin Hines, who has a genetic condition called Larsen's Syndrome and uses a powerchair, has recently started to attract attention and achieve quite a bit of success on the Canadian music scene. His songs and latest video have been getting a fair amount of air time. I am not sure of the specifics of his condition, whether it involves his spinal cord or not. But he's a very interesting and talented guy.

                          Here's his website:


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                            that justin guy has some very nice songs. I like the courage video, but trubidor is probably my fave.


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                              Coronation Street adds disabled cast member


                              Meet fiery Izzy, Corrie's latest love interest... and the Street's first regular disabled cast member in 50 years

                              By Daily Mail Reporter

                              Coronation Street's new love interest has arrived on the famous cobbles - becoming the show's first regular disabled character in its 50-year history.

                              Wheelchair user Cherylee Houston is joining the soap as new girl Izzy, who meets Kirk Sutherland through an online dating service.

                              But it is far from love at first sight - and Kirk won't be the only man on the street who gets to see Izzy's fiery personality.

                              Wheelchair user Cherylee Houston is joining Coronation Street as the show's first regular disabled character in its 50-year history

                              Cherylee, 35, arrived at the Granada studios yesterday to begin filming scenes.

                              She will make her screen debut on April 16. She said: '"I'm really excited and well chuffed to be joining the show. I grew up with Coronation Street and I can't wait to get started.

                              'I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into the character.'

                              Disabled characters have briefly figured in Coronation Street in the past.
                              Ryan Connor's friend Phil was played by wheelchair user Richard Sargent, and Emily's niece Freda is played by deaf actress Ali Briggs.

                              Cherylee is set to join the regualrs in the Rovers Return in April for the first time

                              But Cherylee, who has signed up for an initial six-month stint, is the first actress with a disability to become a regular face.
                              She has previously appeared in Holby City, The Bill, Little Britain, A Thing Called Love and Emmerdale.
                              Access co-ordinator Ruth Malkin, of the Disabled People's Network Manchester, said she was pleased Cherylee had been cast.
                              But she said it was important the programme showed the real problems that disabled people faced.

                              She added: 'Obviously we think it's a positive thing to see a disabled person on television in a programme which is not a documentary show focusing on their disability.

                              'It sounds very interesting but I doubt very much the storyline will go deep enough to show the extent of the environmental and attitude barriers that disabled people have to face on a daily basis.'

                              A Corrie spokesperson said: 'Izzy is a real firebrand who wastes no time in taking on some of the Street's feistiest females, cutting even the most formidable foe down to size with just one swipe of her razor-sharp tongue.

                              'She's attracted to bad boys and, due to her own messy romantic history, she's become something of a heartbreaker.

                              'And when we meet her family we realise her troubled background has played a large part in shaping this complicated young woman.'