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    Academy Visit

    Was in Hollywood yesterday with the San Diego Cinema Society. We visited the Academy headquarters (beautiful Samuel Goldwynn theater) for both the Foreign Film and Make-up/Hair Style Symposiums where they show short clips and the directors (for the first one) or the make-up artists (for the second) of the Academy Award nominated films discuss their work and the specific film for which they were nominated. Very interesting day.

    We had lunch at a nearby restaurant and as we were looking out the window a black Escalante pulled up to one of the moderaters at the symposium (who was standing on the corner) and rolled down the back passenger window, and we got a great view of him chatting with MICKEY ROURKE!! He was wearing a tux and a white scarf (very natty) and dark glasses, but it was definitely him, and they chatted for a couple of minutes and he waved to the small crowd who noticed him as the car pulled away when the light changed. Pretty exciting, and we had been just discussing his performance in The Wrestler as we were eating lunch.

    Looking forward to tonight's awards. I am torn between Rourke and Penn for best actor now.

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    It is so bad, we can't see it here

    I go for Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler
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