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    TiLite X For Sale

    1 Year Old TiLite X

    Paid Over $5000 New, asking $1350

    Seat - 17" x 17"
    Front Seat Height - 19"
    Rear Seat Height - 17" (Adjustable)
    Adjustable Axle Placement (Set at 2")
    Camber - 0 Degrees
    Adjustable Seat Back Height - 15"-18" (Set at 15")
    Front Angle - 85 Degrees
    Front Taper - 1"
    Reinforced Frame
    Foot Plate - Depth and Angle Adjustable Flip-up
    Casters - Billet Aluminum Wheel with Poly Tire
    FROG LEG Suspension Forks
    24" Rear Lightweight Wheels with Low Flange Hub
    Pneumatic 1" Primo V-Trak Tires
    Aluminum Handrims
    Uni-Lock Push Locks
    Back Upholstery - Tension Adjustable by Straps
    Seat Upholstery - Tension Adjustable Bolt On
    Arm Rests - Swing Away Tubular
    Calf Strap - Buckle Adjustable Black Nylon
    Anti Tips - Aluminum Black
    Side Guards Not Available but comes with Mounts


    How much does weigh?
    Why was it $5000, seems like an awful lot.
    Why are you selling it?



      With all the extra's, that's what the retail cost came to. The base price is around $2700. $300 for Reinforced frame, $150 for Tapered front, $200 for footplate, $145 for casters, $75 for handrims, $135 for Locks, $125 for adjustable back, $135 for anti-tippers, $185 for armrests, Froglegs for $300. It was actually around $4700 with the sideguards.

      The reason I am selling it is because I wanted to go to a rigid frame chair. I used the folding frame because of the ease of getting it in and out of my car. It weighs around 22 lbs with the wheels. You can go to the TiLite website and learn more about the chair.

      Thanks, Tim


        Would you be interested in selling just the anti-tip bars and mounting equipment seperately? You can email me at
        I have met the dragon. . .