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  • bruno electra II stairlift

    Used one year, stored for one. Paid $3500. new. Used for 13 step staircase on left side. Can be switched to right. Had to move to one story house and no longer need. Need to sell for money to make bathroom accessible for hubby (tired of carrying him thru doorway!) located on Long Island, no shipping. Best offer. Call hubby anytime...........Tom 631-772-4533 or 631-219-7294. Thanks!

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    Hello MARYGROY,

    You've been a CC member for 2 & 1/2 years and finally decide to write your first reply attacking me. I don't know if I should feel honored or scared.

    Well Bob, aren't you just an authority on how we sponge off society.
    I wasn't replying to you so your use of the word "we" doesn't apply to my responses. I never addressed you or in anyway intimated that you were "sponging off society".

    I guess it didn't occur to you that some of us have worked our bippies off and paid into private health insurance companies as well as the medicare system for many years, only to be denied the most basic necessities.
    Of course it's occurred to me. If you read (and more importantly, understood) my posts in total you would know that. But you'd rather glean quickly through a long 7 page thread, cherrypick a few things that you can rant about and go into attack mode. I would never suggest that anyone be denied the most basic necessities. Or even the best medical equipment and care that money can buy. When it's medically necessary. Mr_Coffee is a walking quad who gets around very well with a walker. And according to him is getting more return all the time. He even posted a video of himself walking around with his walker. He gets around rather well. His wheelchair has been unused and stored in his basement for the past couple of months. And he has partial control of his bowel and bladder so is much less prone to UTIs than the average SCI person. And I also wrote, that if by using those Touchless® Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kits, say by a quadriplegic with limited hand function, and they enabled him or her to become more independent then that would be medically necessary and should be authorized.

    Mr_Coffee is demanding over $12,000 worth of Touchless® Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kits from Medicaid each and every year because he feels he needs them when in reality they are a convenience for a person in his condition. You seem to be an informed citizen so should know that the Republican controlled Congress and President Bush cut Medicaid funding this year. There is only so much money available.... the more spent on unnecessary gimmicks like those Touchless® Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kits, the less there is for people like your husband, who really need but are denied necessary medical equipment and services.

    According to ALL the nurses here, who are the most educated nurses in the field of SCI that you'll find anywhere on this planet, they ALL say they aren't medically necessary. As I presume does Dr. Wise Young, who's the creator of the CareCure forums and probably the most knowledgable person in the care of SCI people, since he hasn't stated otherwise. The kits are more of an expensive medical gimmick than anything else. They are an unnecessary expensive convenience. I don't believe it's the taxpayer's duty to supply expensive, unnecessary medical conveniences, especially to those who least need them. Mr_Coffee can walk and stand in front of a toilet. That wasted $12,000 a year he wants someone else to pay for is coming out of a limited fund that could better be used on people, like your husband, who need better medical equipment and care.

    I don't think its anyones place to judge or assess a medical necessity based on blanket statement as to how you or anyone else might be able to reuse a catheter for weeks at a time.
    I don't either. The experts in the field of SCI and urology make these judgments, not me. I go overboard by using a catheter for a month or two but since it's still in perfect working condition, it would be IMO, a waste to throw it away prematurely.

    I just think you might consider that they are packed in sterile packaging for a reason, and should only be used that way. Also, for someone like my husband who has almost died of septacemia after his last major UTI and is now being treated daily with low doses of macrobid, I wouldn't want to take the chance of boiling and trying to sterilize these things.
    There is absolutely no difference in the rate of UTIs in people who use brand new, out of the package, sterile single-use catheters than those who reuse properly washed, rinsed and air dried (for 24-48 hours) catheters. So we must look for other causes. And below you can read my understanding and thoughts on the subject.

    And I'm sorry to hear of your husband's near death due to septacemia.

    I've been paralyzed for 26 years (T-5 complete) and have had more than my share of UTIs. Believe me, it's not the catheter. You can rinse it out with tap water, place it in a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide for an hour and rinse it off with sterile water if you choose to and the catheter will be fine. Or do it the way the Nurses here recommend. The cause of 90 plus percent of all UTIs are caused by E.coli which most likely comes from the SCI person's own GI tract. It's in the fecal matter. As sanitary as we try to be, whenever SCI people have a bowel accident the bacteria gets to places where we don't want it to. It's invisible and very difficult to dislodge so is very hard to control without fumigating our houses with super toxic chemicals or soaking everything in toxic Lysol spray or bleach. Or if we have pets, it can come from their GI tract after they lick their hind ends and then groom their coats and then after that, we pet them. It gets on our hands, under our fingernails and on the pushrims of our wheelchairs etc.

    The person doing the catheterizing needs to keep their hands very, very clean. I've written ad nauseum about it here... you can search my past posts if you want. I first scrub my hands in a water-bleach-detergent solution in my kitchen sink before I even get into the bathroom. Then in the bathroom I use liberal amounts of detergent, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to further disinfect my hands and penis/meatus/urethra. My program is unconventional but its sole purpose is to keep bacteria out of my bladder. If I thought or knew for one second that using a brand new sterile catheter would help me from getting a UTI I would use one each time.

    This a side issue but allow me to explain in brief. The real problem begins first on the man's penis. It is very difficult to protect the penis... or any part of our bodies, from getting microscopic amounts of E.coli on it from our own GI tract or from other people who perhaps don't wash their hands after using the toilet or from pets or God knows where. From there the bacteria gets into the meatus. Then it can either grow there and migrate further into the urethra and/or is pushed farther up into the urethra with a brand new sterilized catheter or just as safe, a properly cleaned reused catheter, until it ends up inside the bladder. The mechanics of bladder infections are simple, straight forward and are very well known.

    The only thing a sterile catheter does is the same thing a properly cleaned reused one does. And that's to push the bacteria which is already in the meatus or the urethra up into the bladder. It's not the sterility of the catheter. It's easy to sterilize them. What is difficult to control is keeping bacteria off of our hands and bodies and out of the meatus/urethra. If you place the blame on a properly cleaned reused catheter you are misplacing the blame and the actual cause of UTIs.

    And after working 27 years post SCI, paying into the system and supporting himself, I think he deserves a break!
    I believe your husband deserves a break too. But it's going to be harder for him to get one when other people are abusing the system by unnecessarily tapping into the underfunded medical care system, be it Medicare or Medicaid, so they can have the convenience of peeing into a $5.00 sterile bag. A simple straight catheter only costs 80 cents. But Mr_Coffee wants the whole fancy gimmicky Touchless® Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit solely for his own convenience.

    You sound like you are bitter and have too much time on your hands to sit in judgement of others.
    If you read my other posts (just left click on my name and select "Find more posts by bob clark") you'd realize that I'm not a bitter person. 99% of my posts are written to help people here and when I can, I try to guide them through the maze of our crazy medical system. It was only when I saw the blatant abuse of an overburdened, limited, taxpayer-funded program did I respond in the way that I did to Mr_Coffee's thread. He was looking for supporters or cheerleaders for his unreasonable "crusade" and I told him what I thought of his unfair and unnecessary demands on the system. It's not a "government" funded medical system, it's a hardworking taxpayer-funded medical system.

    I think if you read through the whole thread carefully you may see my point. I came across sharp at times but that was in direct response to personal attacks on me or to counter or correct misinformation that a few people made trying to defend the indefensible.

    And although it's not medically necessary to use a brand new 80 cent sterile single-use catheter each time a person catheterizes I was willing to give him that. It was those $5.00 Touchless® Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kits that I objected to. And all the Nurses here and most of the people who wrote in Mr_Coffee's thread agree they are unnecessary.

    I wasn't allowed to respond to your post (the Nurse locked it) but I feel it's my right to defend myself against your personal attack. I tried to PM and email you but for some reason you have that forum function disabled.

    I hope your husband has his UTIs under control (they are terrible) and that you're able to find a buyer for your Bruno Electra II Stairlift soon.

    As a point of interest. I live alone in a small mortgaged (one-story.... don't need a stairlift!) house in Florida with my adopted racetrack retired greyhound. We live on less money (SSDI) each year than Mr_Coffee was demanding for those unnecessary $5.00 apiece Touchless® Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kits just so he could urinate more conveniently. And yes, I do have too much time on my hands!

    Best wishes to you and your husband. And thank you for reading my reply.

    PS. If you want me to delete this post from your thread just PM or email me and I'll do so immediately. I don't want to interfere with you selling your stairlift.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria