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Environmental control unit for sale

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    Environmental control unit for sale

    Found this for sale on Craigs list:

    Do not know anything about environmental control unit, what they do or what this one does, but thought it may interest a member. With a little research found that this model was manufactured by:

    This control system allows individuals who are no longer able to use their hands... to control many devices in their environment, such as Lights, Fans, TV, DVD Player, etc.

    Brand new Switch Activated ECU / EADL. Optional Telephone module and Bed Control module are available.

    The EX is a switch activated ECU engineered to be a modular, cost effective solution for your control needs. The EX enables an individual with dexterity and/or ambulatory difficulties to control many elements of their environment. It offers a flexible menu system that is easily customizable. Most frequently operated devices can be arranged at the beginning of the menu rotation, for efficient access. The built-in Learning Infrared System allows control of your TV & Stereo components, and eliminates the worries of controlling new equipment purchased in the future. Electrical appliances, including lights, fans, nurse call, and doors, etc., can be controlled via power line carrier (X-10).

    An optional Telephone module provides access to communications features that you need, including speed dialing. Talk on the built-in speakerphone, or plug in a wireless headset for a private conversation... the choice is yours! A wireless option allows remote control of the EX, and with our new RDS-1 Remote Display mounted on your wheelchair provides visual feedback even in another room!

    The ECU provides high quality voice and visual feedback for operational guidance. Do you need to control your electric bed? Just add the new BDX-1 Bed Control Module! Do you need more than one display connected to the ECU? Install one on your bed, AND one on your chair! The EX ECU is expandable, and new features constantly being developed ensure compatibility with whatever the future may bring, preserving your investment. Any single or dual ability switch can control the EX ECU. Every menu offers context-appropriate choices to ensure efficiency. The wireless RDS-1 Remote Display also incorporates a switch input to accept control signals, which are sent back to the EX base. The RDS-1 Remote Display provides complete information, including the current menu position as well as system status messages. Think smart, think Angel ECU.

    *** This system is simple for most people to install. It walks you through learning Infrared commands from your existing remote controls, and it is very easy to setup the menu system. Comes with the installation manual, amplified computer speakers, a Sip & Puff switch (air pressure activated switch).

    I can help you with installation for an additional fee.