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Looking for tiLite frame or similar, 16? wide, for cheap

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    Looking for tiLite frame or similar, 16? wide, for cheap

    Hi! I?ve been using a chair for about a year now, and it has been an ill fit hybrid/folding frame that is 2 inches too big for me (18 inches wide). The footrest is also at a 75 degree angle, and I need a 95 degree angle. I am in need of a smaller frame that’s rigid and ultralightweight and cushion. I am willing to use parts from my current chair to mod out a rigid frame one, but can really only afford to pay cheap shipping costs right now. Am also willing to assemble my own chair to keep costs low. I am just hurting myself pushing around almost 30 lbs of weight and my new rigid frame chair probably won?t get approved and arrive until the end of winter. I am in Maine, for reference. Thank you to anyone who can help!

    The $10,000.00+ TiLite I wrote about.

    I see no one rose to the challenge to donate one of their old TiLite 'chairs to tweeicle. I messaged tweeicle and sent her the specs and the CAD drawing and asked if the 'chair will fit her? She wrote back and said it would. This is the $10,000.00+ TiLite I wrote about years ago here at CareCure. She friended me on Facebook and she has a hour-glass figure. The canes tapered in 1" will benefit her.

    I wash it up with Tide and put new Primo tires on it. As I was washing it up I noticed the frame only had three scratches on it. I got it out to UPS this morning. All tweeicle has to do is add a cushion, under seat pouch on it and adjust the foot rest then she's ready to sport it!

    I told tweeicle I wanted nothing in return for the 'chair. It is free. F-R-E-E. It is going to a good home. tweeicle's mom even messaged me on Facebook.

    When I got out of hospital I was poor. I was on SSDI of $625 per month, welfare, food stamps, free government food and Thanksgiving dinners at The Salvation Army. Today, after many hours at college and university I ran after an accessible career in computer-aided-design and drafting designing space projects, electric propulsion projects, fuel cell projects, cryogenics P&IDs and zero gravity rigs for NASA. When I was in need my community helped me out. Now it is my turn to help others out. I spent 27 years serving on various boards receiving $0 in compensation. I learned a lot along the way too.

    I hope tweeicle has a nice Thanksgiving with her newly wed husband and family.

    I just took delivery of a new ZR I'll post pictures of at a later time.

    Here's what she's getting.

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    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."


      What a kind thing for you to do, titanium4motion! Bless you




          He is the sweetest man. I am so thankful and excited to pose for photos in a well fit chair! I’ll post a photo here once I have it.

          once again, thank you for your kindness.