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For sale: Vitaglide Pro Wheelchair Fitness Machine

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  • For sale: Vitaglide Pro Wheelchair Fitness Machine

    Vitaglide Pro Wheelchair Fitness Machine
    $700 OBO

    Hello and thanks for looking! I have had this workout machine for a few years and unfortunately have not been able to use it very much. It is excellent for wheelchair users to be able to get a good workout. The workout machine is in excellent shape with just a few scratches on the arms from my wheelchair that aren't really very noticeable in normal conditions. Everything works and operates perfectly. As I stated I have not used to the workout machine probably more than a combined total of 5 hours. I usually use my arm bike instead but this would make a great addition for somebody else

    I have listed this for local pickup only. However shipping can be arranged separately through companies like craters & Freighters

    Product Description:

    The VitaGlide is a revolutionary wheelchair accessible fitness machine that raises the bar for seated fitness programs. Using its patented linear, push-pull technology, the VitaGlide increases range of motion and involves more muscle groups, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout when compared to traditional seated systems.Adjustable up to 11 inches, this model is also equipped with a built-in roll-away seat that is easily moved into position for non-wheelchair users. This unique feature allows everybody to experience the benefits of using the VitaGlide.Use of the VitaGlide helps to tone the upper body and rehabilitate the shoulders, all while providing a phenomenal cardiovascular workout. The VitaGlide is the result of extensive research into the causes of shoulder injuries and pain, especially amongst wheelchair users. Research has indicated that shoulder injuries occurring in wheelchairs are similar to rotator cuff injuries suffered by baseball pitchers, caused by imbalanced muscle stress placed on the shoulder joint. This imbalance results in what is clinically referred to as "Overuse Syndrome." The "push-pull" motion of the VitaGlide helps to work the back muscles in the shoulder, thereby balancing the overall shoulder musculature.The VitaGlide was specifically designed to take the pain out of workouts. The optimal exercising position of the VitaGlide results in a natural, fluid "push-pull" motion at an angle where there is no unwarranted stress on the shoulders.Additionally, the VitaGlide increases the range of motion, and involves more muscle groups, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout than traditional seated exercise programs. Users have indicated an overwhelming preference of using the VitaGlide when compared to a traditional Upper Body Ergometer, claiming that they not only receive a better workout in half the time, but they also do not feel pain in their shoulders during the workout.The full range of motion involved with using the VitaGlide involves the back muscles in the shoulder. These muscles are typically underworked in wheelchair users, when compared to the front muscles in the shoulder, resulting in overuse syndrome. This is usually the catalyst of Rotator Cuff injuries and general soreness in the shoulders. Traditional Upper Body Ergometers involve the same muscles that are already being overworked from activities of daily living in a wheelchair. Additionally, the angle of exercise with Upper Body Ergometers puts extra stress on the shoulders due to the raised position of the arms during workout. Use of the VitaGlide helps to balance the entire shoulder musculature, thereby rehabilitating, and possibly eliminating the effects of this ailment. Please review the diagram below for an illustration of the muscles used with the VitaGlide compared to those used with an Upper Body Ergometer.
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    I've owned my VG Pro for ten years. It has been the best indoor exercise equipment I've used in my 45 years post injury. It's been indispensable for rehabbing my busted shoulders and getting a great cardio workout when I couldn't handcycle.. That's a great deal on the pro.

    Do you still have the seat that comes with the Pro? It's perfect for an ab to use also.