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Braun Vangater Lift for sale?

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  • Braun Vangater Lift for sale?

    I?m looking for a good used Braun Vangater lift to rebuild for a project vehicle. Please let me know if you know of anyone who has a good lift for sale in a vehicle that?s no longer drivable.

    Based on all the specs for the Braun Vangater, I hope to rebuild a unit for a new vehicle.

    I looked at the Fiorella lift and unfortunately it?s not going to work for my needs. Looking for options. The new millennium and century lifts are too big, bulky and cumbersome for (in my opinion) for a manual chair user that weighs no more than 140 pounds.

    I?m back to the drawing board on a new vehicle....

    Recommendations on a lift that you feel works well for lightweight users?
    If you think that you can or if you feel you can't, either way your right.

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    I wonder why it didn't work for your needs? I'm currently trying to decide on one for a Ford Transit full size van. I love the looks of the Fiorella. Waiting to hear if it'll work in my van. I wonder how much the cost is, too? Anyone?


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      I like the concept of the Fiorella lift. But... when I tested one, the platform on the automatic fold unit is not flat. It has a rounded taper from the inboard edge to the end of the platform entry/exit flap.

      To me it felt like being on a teardrop shape ramp. The slope becomes exaggerated as soon as you lift and the vehicle sags. I felt like I was going to tip over. (I always get on the lift forward facing the vehicle and exit facing out) I’m a C6 complete in a manual chair. Backing up on a slope is challenging. I had no problem going on the lift forward until I tried to elevate and the chair tipped and rolled backwards to the flap.

      Locking my brakes while on the platform was just as challenging. The chair would roll while trying to lock the brake and it was just as precarious at the elevated position when I tried to unlock the brakes. For me, the inherent slope of the platform was difficult to safely manage.
      If you think that you can or if you feel you can't, either way your right.