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ADI Rides Disc Brakes

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    ADI Rides Disc Brakes

    I have a 1-1/2 year old set of ADI disc brakes I am going to sell, I don't know what I will be asking quite yet. I took them off my TR.

    I like them a lot but I have broken 2 tubes now and have decided to go back to the Tilite camber tube and D's locks. I really have no idea why they break on me where they do (ADI surprised too, and have replaced them no problem both times). It could be how I transfer from chair to shower chair or how hard I may drop out of vehicle.

    They are the variable lever as shown in link. They are adjustable width wise to any chair.

    I am waiting for the new tube now and once replaced and cleaned I will post pictures. One I have the bearing that presses on to the wheel hub popped out and regular bearing put back in I will list officially for sale.

    Reply or PM if interested.

    ADI Rides Disc Brakes from my TR3. I cracked the outer tube twice. ADI warranted it both times. I decided to change to D's locks.

    They sent both right and left tubes so I replaced them both. It is set and ready to be installed on a chair. The axle will adjust to needed width. My chair is 17" wide.

    The cam inserts are for Spinergy 18 spoke wheels. You will need to pop out the inside bearing on wheels and have the cams pressed in.

    This is set up for quick release wheels.

    $650.00 Free shipping.

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        500.00 ? If not I will put them on my back up chair.