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New catheters free to a good home

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    New catheters free to a good home

    Not positive if this is the correct place to post this but? I was going through my supply closet and found some catheters that I no longer use, I will mail them FREE to anybody who could use them. PM me your name and address and I'll ship them out the next day. Note that the cath kits do have an expiration date of 2008/04, although being that the kit is sealed I can't see were that would matter. Maybe one of the SCI Nurses can spread some light on that.

    4 - Bard Touchless Male Urethral Catheter Kit With Specimine Reservoir (exp. 2008/04) - Each kit includes:
    • 1 - 14 fr. all purpose uretheral catheter with funnel end
    • 1 - 1100 cc collection bag
    • 1 - 5gr. lubricating jelly
    • 3 - povidone-iodione swabs and ambidextrous gloves
    • 1 - water proof underpad.

    2 - Bardia (Bard) 16 fr. Foley Catheters with 5cc Balloon

    4 - Bard 16 fr. All Purpose Uretheral Catheter with Funnel End - 16 inch

    I can post pics if requested
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