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FES Hand Crank RT 300

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    FES Hand Crank RT 300

    Hi - I recently bought a used RT300 FES bike with the hand crank add on from a quadriplegic. I am paraplegic, so I don't need the hand crank unit. To be clear, my current set up consists of the controller (computer), arm / hand crank, and foot crank. I am interested in selling the arm / hand crank part, so you'd need to already have the controller / computer / leg crank, if you wish to peddle with your legs too.

    I can't figure out how to post pictures here, so I also created a craigslist ad.

    FES Bike - Hand / Arm Crank


    I recently bought a used RT 300 from a quadriplegic. His set up included the controller, an arm / hand add on, and the foot crank / motor. As I am paraplegic, I only need the controller and foot crank / motor. The arm / hand add on is removable, and can be used with any other RT 300 controller (that's my understanding). I don't know how to post pictures here, so here is a link to a craigslist ad for the unit for sale. Please let me know if you have any questions. Price is make me an offer. We all know what these things cost new. I told the person who sold me the bike I'd split anything I could get for the hand unit as he is strapped for cash.



      Hi Josh

      I have a client who might be interested. Can you email me your location so I can figure out what a shipping cost might be? BTW that CL ad is expired. You can send me pics eharness at


      Eric Harness, CSCS
      Neuro Ex, Inc
      Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery