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FS: Varilite Evolution seat cushion 20x18 $50.00

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  • FS: Varilite Evolution seat cushion 20x18 $50.00

    Hi! I am selling (or trade, read below) an excellent condition Varilite Evolution wheelchair seat cushion. This cushion is 20x18 and is made for moderate to high risk for pressure sores. Its an air/foam cushion that literally molds to your butt for a customized seat, whether you have a sling or solid wheelchair seat. When you release air from the valve while sitting, it will mold to your bottom to dramatically reduce sores (once a week, you let it inflate again to keep the cushion working well). I have used this brand of cushion for 3 years and have not had a pressure sore on my butt in that time.

    I have two of these cushions, and don't need this one. BUT.... I am in need of a Jay foam/gel cushion for when I am sitting on the floor or on the ground when gardening. I am willing to trade this Varilite cushion for a Jay cushion of the same size. Otherwise, the Varilite cushion is being sold for $50.00 plus shipping costs. I can deflate it enough to put it in a large "game board style" Priority mail box for $20.00.

    Message me if interested or e-mail me at (if you want a pic, you will have to e-mail me, since I can't get it to upload on here) Thanks!


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    SOLD! Thanks! (just not sure how to remove the posting from here)