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E-motion wheels M15 for sale -- $2200 ( also have tilite chair with spinergy wheels)

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    E-motion wheels M15 for sale -- $2200 ( also have tilite chair with spinergy wheels)

    FOR SALE (Estate Sale)
    E-Motion Wheels – Tylite Chair – Spinergy wheels
    • E-motion wheels – $2200
      • M15 (New Generation)
      • Lithium batteries
      • Remote control (has 2 speeds)
    • Tylite Wheelchair $300
      • Has many upgrade features
      • Roho seat (16 “ width X 17” Depth)
      • Retrofitted for both e-motion wheels
    and manual spinergy wheels
    • Many Extras for Tilite chair
    (person who owned chair was 6 ft, 175lbs.)
    • Spinergy - Lx900 wheels $250
    (purchased for $900) ( Rarely used!)
    • 25 inch
    • Super light weight – made for tylite chair.
    PURCHASE OPTIONS (if you budle):
    • Tylite chair with Spinergy wheels $450
    • Tylite chair with Emotion wheels $2500
    • Tylite chair, Emotion wheels, Spinergy wheels $2550
    Call -Text: 480 818-2932 or e-mail:

    Wrong forum for sales.

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      November 3, 2013

      I sold the tilite with the spinergy wheels.

      I Still have the e-motion wheels (M15) and GPV wheelchair with the hardware for the e-motion wheels.
      E-motion wheels: $2200 - GPV Wheelchair - $250 If you get them both...will deal.

      E-mail: or call/test: 480-818-2932


        The emotion wheels and GPV wheelchair and Tilite chair were sold