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Wound VAC supplies for sale

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    Wound VAC supplies for sale

    I had surgery recently and am recovered and have so w wound vac supplies left I would like to sell.

    3 boxes of V.A.C ® Simplace™ dressing small
    Featuring GranFoam ™ Spiral dressing. Each box contains 5 sealed dressing.
    There's a total of 16 as I have one sealed package dressing as well.

    2 boxes of V.A.C 300 mL Canister (with Gel) for ActiV.A.C.®
    5 canisters in each box plus one extra

    4 packages of Sesra T.R.A.C™ PAD

    1 sealed package of V.A.C ® WhiteFoam small dressing (10*7.5)

    I have no clue what to ask. Please make me a offer.

    Ahh I also have a duoderm dressing to throw in
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