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FS - Freedom Ryder LC1 w/ Bionx

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  • FS - Freedom Ryder LC1 w/ Bionx

    Selling my LC1 handcycle complete with the bionx 350watt electric assist kit. I bought this last summer and rode it maybe 500km but I have found that now that I've gotten stringer I don't use the assist and I've gone to a force RX. Bike was purchased with the bionx and is still set up as they sell it and includes teh memory foam cushion upgrade. Only tiny defect is a small crack in the forn rim from hitting a huge pothole last summer...rim is still straight and true and the tire holds pressure perfectly. It happened early in the year and I rode it the rest of the summer with no issues. Check their website for details and description...mine is silver. I will post pics later in the week.

    Paid $6300...asking $3500 plus shipping.
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