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A catheter that helps prevent UTIs

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  • A catheter that helps prevent UTIs

    Hi. I've been a member of this forum for a while and my husband is a T4 incomplete and uses a suprapubic catheter. My husband has struggled greatly with UTIs ever since he became paralyzed in 2008. He has spent about 8-12 weeks in the hospital every year just for bladder infections alone. My husband has had so many bladder infections, that he is now immune to almost all antibiotics! We have done everything under the sun to stop the name it and we are doing it!

    Well, several months ago, we came across a new indwelling catheter, called the Duette, and it has been a life saver! My husband has been giving this catheter a try and is having GREAT success!! He hasn't had a UTI since he started using this catheter (7 months now)! We fell in love with this new catheter and because of that, we are working with Poiesis Medical to spread the word about the Duette. For anyone who has chronic UTIs, this is a catheter you should definitely try!

    Research is showing that this catheter, the Duette, prevents bladder trauma and therefore lowers your risk of bladder cancer and UTIs. The difference with this catheter, verses other Foley catheters, is that it not only has a balloon to hold it in place, but it also has a 5cc balloon around the tip of the catheter. The cushioning balloon surrounding the tip of the Duette is designed to protect the bladder wall from trauma and prevent damage caused by the tip of the catheter and is also more comfortable than a regular Foley catheter. There is also a large diameter drainage eye, manufactured to resist crystallization and is positioned between the 2 balloons to prevent bladder wall involvement and drainage aspiration, thus maintaining continuous, uninterrupted urine flow. Clinical studies confirm that the tip of the Foley catheter causes damage to your bladder wall, allowing an increased rate of bacterial adherence. Clinical studies also confirm an 8-10% increase in bladder cancer directly attributable to trauma caused by the catheter tip.

    Because of the Duette, my husband is finally getting a break from the UTIS and we hope that it might be able to help others who have also struggled with UTIs.

    Please pm me if you would like more information about the Duette. I know the company gives out samples for anyone who just wants to give it a try. Also, this catheter is only available in the US right now, but they are working on getting their CE mark, so that hopefully soon, it will be available to other countries as well.
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    Thanks Squick; may be just what the doctor DIDN'T order!! I've had the same problems and will definitely look into this. Thanks a lot for posting.
    Rick Goldstein
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      You're welcome Goldnucs! I really think this catheter will help a lot of people! It's covered by insurance, but they are still trying to get their distributors set up. A lot of doctors are also really impressed with this catheter because it just makes sense.


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        Thank you, i need to look into this to give my skin a break from condom caths. My abnormal trouble is no matter the gage of the IC the bladder voids through my penis and urine completely by passes the IC. It is very scary, feels like a possible AD because of the pressure. When the urine passes through IC it just trickles, even when i set the drain bag on the floor.Does anyone experience this and is it normal? I have had a inflated IC ripped out of me once before, is it a probable cause of the leakage?
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          I'm emailing this to my dumbchit urologist as well as I am sure that he has no idea of its existence! Thanks again.

          Rick Goldstein
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            GREAT NEWS!!! They now have a distributor set up! Go to their website: and click on the "distributors" tab. I know they accept Medicare and Medicaid. I'm not sure about private insurance, but feel free to contact them for more information. ​


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              THAT is great news squick. Thanks so much again for posting; ya never know how many people may benefit from this kind of stuff!!
              Rick Goldstein
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                Hi Sarah,
                I tried to get a sample but was told I needed a prescription for it. By the way, who changes your husbands catheter and is it once a month as with a foley? I would love to get one to try but no deal. He uses a 16f so that is not a problem. Thanks for the info.
                DavesMom, Diane


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                  In October 2012, Dr. Young posted this thread.

                  In his post, he discusses catheters that are made specifically for suprapubic use. At about the same time, I had become aware of the Duette catheter and posted about it on Dr. Young's thread. I got a free sample from the company. At the time, they asked for a prescription, and accepted the prescription that I have on file (I keep copies of these at home in my medical files) with my monthly urinary supply dealer.

                  Funny how things get in your way. I still have the catheter and have not found the opportune time to try it. One of these days, I will get around to it.

                  More has been posted on Care Cure Community about the Duette Catheters at these threads:
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                  A quote from the manufacturer, Poiesis Medical, and a question by a member.

                  All the best,


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                    Davesmom - In order to get a sample, you either need a prescription or have your doctor give them a call. It's just for liability reasons...they need to make sure that you are a person who actually needs a catheter and will be using it. As for my husband, I change his catheter and we do it every 2 weeks. Because my husband was in and out of the hospital 1-2 times a month with UTIs, we have made drastic changes and one of the changes to our routine was to start changing the catheter twice a month instead of once a month. The Duette is like a Foley catheter except much improved!! You still insert it, remove it and treat it just the same as you do with a Foley catheter. If you can get a prescription or have your doctor write a note or call Julio at Ally Medical (our distributor), they can get a sample out to you.

                    gjnl - you should definitely give it a try! Let me know how you like it!


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                      My uro called and my Duette samples are in. I'm going to go get the first one installed tomorrow. My latest infection was resistant to all oral ABs so I had to go to my PCP for shots for 5 straight days. It's been a week since the last one and I already feel symptomatic of another. God5 I hope the Duette works!! I'll report back.
                      Rick Goldstein
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                        Definitely let me know! My husband has been using it for about 9 months now and he is noticing that he is feeling a lot better overall as well. He doesn't get tightness, spasms and neuropathy pain as much as he used to. And the biggest thing is....he hasn't been in the hospital in over 6 months!!! I am definitely interested in hearing feedback from anyone who is giving it a try. Hopefully this product will be the answer many of us have been looking for!