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OSR 700cc wheel replacement

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  • OSR 700cc wheel replacement

    Hi everyone, new member. Just wondering if anyone has found an economical replacement rear wheel with axle (700cc) (or 20 inch front) for a Top End OSR racer? We are modifying one for my 11 year old son, Mark (CP-spastic quad) to compete in a marathon with my wife. They have done a couple half marathons using a special needs stroller that he has outgrown and wasn't very comfortable. I've cut/welded the frame, seat mounting almost complete and push bar is mocked up, but we are concerned with having a spare wheel in case of damage/flats (has clincher tires so can't change on course). Would purchase used rims with axles or entire used bike if anyone has one (damaged bike is ok) for parts/future modifications. The axle is a 1/2 inch thread, not sure if this is standard between racing chairs. Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the CC. If you can't find a used set, I suggest you buy the hub and have your local bike shop build one up. I'm sure they would have a line on a cheaper hub.

    Phil Woods makes a couple of different quality hubs. I just built a set of wheels with these.

    They may be more than what you want to pay but they would last forever. You could have two new wheels built up and save the ones you have for replacements.

    Good luck with the marathons, would love to see a few photos of the stroller.


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      Just carry a tube and CO2 cartridge to change out a flat. Maybe a set of plastic tire spoons if you can't yank the tire off the rim.