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Want To Buy: Home Elevator... Anyone Selling?

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    Want To Buy: Home Elevator... Anyone Selling?

    If you have a home elevator in perfect condition and are no longer using it, I'd like to buy it if it will work for my needs and the total price of unit with shipping is reasonable.

    Please PM me if you are looking to sell an elevator large enough for both power and manual.

    Thank You!

    How about a 32 x 54" Savaria Telecab?

    I'm getting down to the basement if it kills me.


      LOL .. I've seen lifts on .. have you tried there? I've seen some before - new and old.

      Looking for a cheap one for my sister's stairs to get into her house - not an emergency because I barely get there to visit and can't get into her washroom anyway (same problem with every new home they buy).
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        You bet your buns.

        I've been keeping an eye out on as many classifieds as I know of. Travel distance needs to be about 10ft straight up and down. Minimum cab floor room of 32" x 54".

        Haven't found anything yet, other than brand new and I still haven't received the quote for brand new. WHAT! I guess they make too much money. Don't need mine.


          Ram industries has one for about 7,000 new