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Quickie Shark S Handcycle for Sale

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    Quickie Shark S Handcycle for Sale

    Hi Guys!

    I have had a Quickie Shark S Handcycle in my basement for a year or two and it has never been used. I bought it brand new and went off to college. I didn't have the space to store it in my dorm room and never had the time to use it when I was home. Now, I'm moving to New York City and know I won't be able to use it there!

    I paid $3895 for it, but am looking for $3000.

    Below are the specs directly off the order form:

    Model: Quickie Shark S
    Frame Color: Graphite Metallic
    Frame Length: Short
    Fork Style: Fixed Fork
    Fork Mount: High Mount
    Position Fork Mount: 15" Setting
    Seat Sling: Standard
    Seat Width: 14"
    Backrest: Medium
    Backrest Position: Adj (10"-21.5") Preset @ 12"
    Footrest: Adj Short (16"-31.5")
    Hand Crank: Crank Custom
    Hand Mount: Handle Right Side
    Hand Crank Width: 16.53" (42 cm)
    Hand Crank Length: 7.28" (18.5 cm)
    Speed: 3 X 9 Gear (27 speed)
    Gear Type: Sram
    Chain Plate Kit: 4 Arm Chain Plate (26/36/48)
    Drive Wheel: 26 X 1" Hi Perf
    Rear Wheel Size: 26" Wheel Dt Rader
    Rear Wheel Tire: 1" Hi Performance Reifen
    Axle: Quick Release Axle
    Accessories: Signal Flag

    Please either reply to this post or e-mail me at! I am currently located about an hour north of New York City in Westchester County. While pick-up would be easiest, I'd be willing to ship it at the buyer's expense.
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