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Freedom clear 31mm external caths - FREE

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    Freedom clear 31mm external caths - FREE


    Cleaning out my old storage area:

    Following items are free or if there is a price next to them it is that price for the item or obo:

    Bag full of prefab male external catheters. Clear. 31 mm is the size. Mentor is the manufacturer and they give any reference number of 5300 or 5330. I guess this is some type of size indicator. Found this bit of them in my storage area. I do not use them instead I use a different brand and make my own. Nothing personal I just never got around to using them. They seemed fine and look good and best of all they are free and all you need to do is pay the shipping to your zip code from my zip code of 11746. Folks I know use this kind so if they are of use to you feel free to e-mail me or contact me via PM with your full address to mail to. Remember the cost is zero however you must pay for shipping via PayPal or otherwise.


    I also have a 16 inch wide red quicky manual chair. This item is not free but it is cheap and I will sell it for 100 bucks or less depending on your offer. The chair looks really good was hardly ever used however the legs are permanent and do not swing away. This does make transferring difficult for some however for others who are more able it is ideal. No quad tips on the these wheels and they are large 24 inch type, pneumatic, bicycle spokes. Pictures are available if you need them.

    cathters and wheel chair.

    i used those cathaters up untill 3 years ago when i got a sore and my doctor convinced me it would be better if i switched to indwelling cathater. gave about a yearssupply away because expiration day was close. now and again indwelling cathater clogs and i remove and use texas/external cathaters unill i get bladder stones out. running out of cathaters. any left?
    also, is the chair rigid frame? donnie
    sorry for spelling. laying flat typing