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Jay 3 Back / wanted to buy

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  • Jay 3 Back / wanted to buy

    Looking for new or gently used Jay 3 back. Mounting hardware not essential.

    Need 18" width / medium height. I don't want to spend a fortune . I have one already but looking for a second back to set up for different use, outdoors, etc. & I will interchange the two.

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    Originally posted by smashms
    just checked the mesurements bracket to bracket is a bit more than 17 inches at its widest it is 18 inches it has no side supports if this will work i will sell it to you for $200 plus shipping
    Thanks Smashms. I think I would need the side supports. I think the Jay3 does have about 2 " of variance between chairs it can fit on.

    There is an 18" on e-bay currently & I am going to keep an eye on that as it is about 150 new in box & all parts.

    I was hoping someone might have one sitting around that either didn't work out for them or they've simply gone w/ a different seating system.

    thanks for reply.