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Wheels For Sale - Natural Fit, Spinergy, Spox $200

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    Wheels For Sale - Natural Fit, Spinergy, Spox $200

    I'm selling a pair of wheels for a manual wheelchair, purchased one year ago, that I barely used because I ended up getting a whole new chair paid for by insurance. I used these for maybe a week or two at most so they have a few minor scratches....but very minor. I paid $350 for them and am asking for $200. These currently retail on Sportaid for $279 without the tires which would retail for an additional $42, not including shipping. These will fit any manual wheelchair. I have an extra pair of Ti axels if needed. Below are the details:

    Natural Fit Handrims (1.5inch) with powder-coated thumb surface and tab mounts (see
    * Natural Fit Ergonomic Grip Wheelchair Handrims. The Natural-Fit are uniquely designed wheelchair handrims that provide a significant improvement of the fit between the user’s hand and the rim. The design features and benefits of the Natural-Fit are summarized below:
    * Provides ergonomic surfaces for the thumb, fingers, and for the palm of the hand - creating a vastly improved contact area for gripping the handrim
    * Available with specially coated high friction thumb surface for enhanced propulsion and braking
    * Maximizes the efficiency of propulsion and braking
    * No gap between the rim and wheel. This prevents fingers and thumb from getting caught between the rim and wheel
    * Eases stress on the shoulder, wrist, and fingers - reducing the likelihood of experiencing pain and injury (tendonitus, arthritus, etc.) as a result of daily propulsion
    * Backed by sound scientific evidence from both laboratory and field research - Giving the user confidence in the optimal design of the Natural-Fit
    * Lightweight durable aluminum - Adds little additional weight or width relative to standard handrims
    * Attaches to the wheel of a wide variety of wheelchairs, affording trouble-free replacement of your existing handrims

    Spinergy wire wheels
    - Rims are custom double-walled aluminum design.
    - Hub is custom, low flange design.
    - Bearings: 1/2", sealed cartridge
    - Compatible with any manual wheelchair
    - Reliable and attractive everyday wheel. Combination of straight-pull spokes and double-walled rim makes them extremely strong. A great value. Minimal maintenance required.

    Shox solid tires in black.

    If interested, call me at 615-424-8949 or email me at I have posted these on craigslist in Nashville, TN. If they need to be shipped you will be responsible for shipping costs/liability. I will accept paypal payments.

    Hope they can find a good new home!

    What size are the wheels?


      Originally posted by NW-Will View Post
      What size are the wheels?
      Sorry, not sure where that text went. They are 24" x1.


        Do the wheels have the ability to replace the solid tires for pneumatic tires/tubes?



          These wheels have been sold and are no longer available. I'm not sure how to delete the posting.