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    iBot for sale?


    My father, who lived with MS for the past 25+ years, passed away some months ago. He was the very proud owner and driver of an iBot over the past 4 or 5 years and I now find myself the unsuspecting owner of his wheels.

    I've been having a really hard time finding it a new home but a brief Google search led me here. From what I can tell, it is in perfect operating condition and it was used regularly up until dad went into the hospital for the last time.

    I really want to get this incredible machine into the hands of someone who needs it. If you are interested, please send me a message! I'm located in NYC, but if you are out of state, we can discuss some options.

    Thanks for reading,

    Any additional info?


      non-profit for wounded vets will buy your ibot

      Hi, my name is Gary Lawson. I am an attorney in Dallas Texas and a founder of a non-profit that has provided 23 ibots to wounded disabled veterans who the VA had not seen as needing an ibot. Our standards are based only on the Veterans' desire for increased mobility, independence and equality, sitting at eye level with standing adults means alot. We will purchase the ibot.
      Please contact me either through
      Thank you and sorry for your loss,
      Gary Lawson


        Do you still have the ibot for sale? i am 26yrs old and i got shot 7 months ago in a robbery and could really use this chair. My name is Ryan please let me know aspa


          To all interested parties-

          I've had a number of informative conversations with other board members via private messages, so I figured I'd pool all my information here on the original post.

          Financially, I'm looking for $1500-2000 for the iBot. The seat measures 16" across and is 18" deep. The iBot was originally configured to my dad's frame which was about 6' tall and weighing 170-180lbs +/- 10lbs.

          This iBot has a couple of lateral supports built into the back seat cushion (their purpose was to help with my dad's posture - the MS caused him to slump far over to one side and these helped him stay straight.) It is extremely important to me that the new owner is comfortable with the iBot and will be able to use it safely. I have a very limited knowledge of how to operate the iBot, so I won't be of much help with instructing. I do have all of the original manuals but please do as much research as you can.

          I understand that J&J will not provide service or repair if the iBot transfers ownership. Because of this, I cannot accept any responsibility for it once it's purchased - this must be considered a 'buyer beware' sale. Additionally, the buyer is responsible for picking it up in person or handling the shipping arrangements and costs.

          For those who find this all acceptable and are still interested, please send me a private message.



            It should also be noted that the IBOT is no longer being made and you will not be able to get parts or service after 2013. Here is a link to the IBOT website.
            "If everything is under control, you are going too slow." - Mario Andretti


              It also has to be programmed to your weight. Gaining or losing any means you have to have it re-programmed which I hear isn't done anymore by those who sold them


                Thank you to Manix5 and Patrick Madsen for the additional info - I hope everyone who is interested in buying our iBot takes this all into careful consideration. For over 25 years, I witnessed firsthand the difficulties my dad had in life and this chair was a savior to him, both physically and emotionally. It now needs a new home, with someone who will be the best match. It would break my heart if it went to someone who ultimately couldn't use it because of these customization limitations.

                Please consider everything carefully before contacting me privately - it will be a final sale.


                  hi do you still have the ibot?

                  thanks glenn


                    I also have an iBot 4000 for sale. It is a working chair the battery charger is missing, and the batteries are dead, and the left foot rest release leaver is broken. This would be great for parts! contact if interested


                      ibot for sale

                      hi I privet messaged you with my email address
                      I hope you can send me more info

                      thanks Glenn


                        Is this ibot still for sale?