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Marvel M1, Invacare X4, other items for sale

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    Marvel M1, Invacare X4, other items for sale

    I've attached a pdf with pictures of a bunch of things I'm trying to get out of the house. I'm putting my Marvel M1 up for sale, 17" deep pan with Tundra wheels. The Tundra wheels have Maxxis Holy Rollers on now. Varilite eBack, transfer handles, and extension on footplate for wider wheel positioning. If you want the M1 it will include an extra set of Maxxis Hookworm tires, extra set of tubes, three sets of rim guards, back extender mount, grey wheels, shock pump, and smaller stock back with cover (but no foam insert, used that for another project). So you'd just need to cut your own foam if you use that back. I know there's a lot of negative regards on this forum for the M1 but I didn't have any problems with leg flare, my mine problem was that I found a hard seat pan impossible with my comfort level and have decided to stick with sling bottoms. So the chair hasn't seen any action and is in perfect condition.

    A set of Marathon Plus tires with no use (24"), I took them off and use solid Shox tires. An Invacare X4 folding chair that doesn't come with rear wheels, I am keeping those as an extra set. It is 17" wide and 18" deep, 80 front frame angle. Chair is near perfect condition with anti-tips. An ADI carbon back that I bought from another Care Cure member, 17" wide 13" tall with fixed mount. Excellent condition and I love the foam and look of the ADI backs, I just want to go smaller.

    Some miscellaneous parts. Anti-tips, side guards, and push handles off of an Aero Z. The side guards are in good shape, I didn't use them. The handles and anti-tips are pretty used and beat. Also two random push brake extensions that I found and a seat belt that is off of the Invacare X4, I'll include that with the chair if you want it. The plastic thing is from rehab for quads to help put on socks. You put the sock on the end to help spread it out if your fingers are weak and extend the sock opening. It's fairly useful but my hands have gotten really good so I haven't used it in forever.

    Two slings, medium hoyer (yellow) made by Guldman, and a shower net, mesh model 113 from Sunrise medical. Both are in near perfect condition and the shower net has never been used. Last thing is a calf strap, never used off of an Aero Z. I still have my Bruno Turny up for grabs as well. (

    For the Marvel M1 and extras, $2500 plus shipping.
    The Incavare ProSpin X4 folder, $400 plus shipping.
    ADI back, $150 plus shipping.
    Everything else, just make offers, I need to make some space in the house.

    Email works best - If you want extra pictures/info just ask. May be willing to trade, I'm looking to get a set of carbon wheels for my handcycle (Force) at some point so..