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Excelerator XLT Handcycle on Ebay

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  • Excelerator XLT Handcycle on Ebay

    Just saw this on ebay if anyone's looking for a used handcycle. I'm not the seller, just passing on the info:
    C5 Incomplete - 25 years of experience!

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    Looks like a good deal JD. Either a 24 or 27 speed with oval handgripsd. I see the road compensator is not on but that's no big deal. Must b a 2004 or newer with the shifters on the handlgrip vs. the ultegra type setup.

    I had a set of thosee knobbies on pne of my bikes. It sounded like a swarm of bees coming up behind me with them on pavement.

    It didn't say what the seat width was but again that's not really a big deal either for the price.


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      I'm selling a Top End Excelerator for $700 cash. 27 speeds, great condition, grasshopper green, computer included. I have aged out of biking. I am not going to box it up or ship it so the interested party would have to come here, see the bike and pay cash. We are about 25 miles south of Flint, Mi. PM me if you want pictures of bike. Also selling an older Freedom Rider for $600, a Crossfire All Terrain (18X18) for 600 and an older Tilite (15X15) for 350. Same deal with all - no shipping, come here to buy, pm for pics.