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  • Environmental Control Unit

    This unit was used on a Quickie 646 but I believe it would be compatible with any power chair since it does not wire into the chair but just plugs in to it's power source.
    It allows you to control a cell phone through one switch and voice, an ameriphone speaker phone at home through one switch to answer the phone or dial up to 20 pre programmed numbers, up to 2 different automatic door openers, the tilt on your chair and there is a spot to add an additional device. It comes with a 4 switch that can be mounted anywhere on the chair as well as 2 individual thumb switches and a pillow switch to be operated from bed. The headset mounts to the headrest of your chair and can easily be swung away or removed when not in use. Microphone position is adjustable. Parrot microphone is very good quality. Ameriphone is included.
    Ameriphone is a remote control speaker phone with pillow switch, instruction manual, remote control and power cord. can call 20 pre-programmed numbers via the ECU or pillow switch. Allows hands free independant communication. Sensitive microphone and speaker provide hands-free communication up to 15 feet away.
    A cell phone holder that attaches to the chair at an angle that allows you to see the display is included. It is all in working order. All of the electronics, wiring, switches - everything you need for it to be functional is included. It just needs to be plugged in to the appropriate places and your chair vendor should be able to do it for you.
    Entire package including Ameriphone originally cost over $10,000. I am asking $5000. Set up was used by a high level quadriplegic for 1 year.
    I will ship it anywhere for free
    C3/4 Brown Sequard